The Customer is at the heart of our design

How we take our design thinking approach to engineer customer experiences

Design thinking is a journey that ends with the customer. Litehouse has pioneered design thinking, providing companies with the competitive ability to map their customers expectations through awesome design. With experience engineering, we bring the best of hard technology and experience based customer engagement in today’s design led world.

Our design thinking process begins with a holistic understanding of the customer, followed by designing and delivering a prototype that can be taken to market quickly, and wrapped up with front and design and development to ship your product to your customers. See the phases of our design thinking approach on how we help deliver the best products and experiences for you.


No more shooting in the dark!

Our prototypes allow you to experience the real deal and get a perspective of what the end product will look like. Understanding the key motivators helps us create meaningful and memorable experiences to engage the user at every possible touch point


Bringing your ideas to life and making them look good at the same time is what we are best at.

Our design phase allows us to ideate the structure and the overall look and feel of the product, so that your customers love it just as much as we do!

Accessibility Testing

It’s not over if your application is live. Make sure your application is accessible to everyone, including the those with disabilities. Our expertise ensures that no stone is left unturned and the experience you offer is available to every member of your target audience.

HTML 5 with frameworks

Our strength in HTML 5 delivers a professional grade experience that will ‘Wow’ your customer each time they use the product. Be it a laptop, mobile or tablet, we know what it takes to make the experience stand out by creating attractive and responsive applications for a mobile first world.

85 technologies

Our core competencies span across 85 technologies. Litehouse experts can help you end to end, from understanding your business problem to making sure your customers fall in love with your brand. Speak to us to find out how we do it.


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