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Digital marketing strategies

Top 6 Digital Marketing Strategies Companies Following to Fight Against Coronavirus!

During these unprecedented times, when the novel Coronavirus pandemic started to widespread across the nation,  the government has declared a  worldwide lockdown. As a result, many of the companies encouraged their employees to work remotely at home. And most of the small scale businesses are switched to digital technologies to stay connected with the customers […]

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quick tips to move retail store to online store

Quick and Easy Tips to Move Retail store to eCommerce with ZUAN to Succeed after Lockdown!

We all know, Currently, India has been under lockdown since March 25, 2020, in order to arrest the spread of the novel Coronavirus disease.  Moreover, this COVID-19 has driven a number of consumers to stay indoors — and shop online for any essential needs to avoid gatherings. Furthermore, this has eventually increased the buyer’s online […]

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