Offering Magento Custom Development Services With Exclusive Customer-Centric Approach

Zuan renders Magento custom development services that are profit-oriented for your online business. Our team of profound Magento developers has the required skills to fulfill your business needs by building an achieving Magento stores. At Zuan, we make use of the remarkable Magento eCommerce Development Solutions to optimize your sales and drive conversions. We have developed over 100 Magento based sites from the viewpoint of scalability and reach. Our Magento developers have used various flexible Magento customizations to create multi-site functionality, different transaction options, loyalty programs, product categorization and similar highly functional Magento eCommerce solutions to meet the various needs of clients. We have also addressed the retail needs of the industry through our Magento eCommerce development.

Core Performances of Our Magento Solutions

3X Speed Optimization

If you have low Magento speed then you have come to the right place. Our Magento speed optimization services will tweak into the needed changes to place your Magento eCommerce store back on track, with quick turnaround time, that is responsive enough to have your visitors glued to your Magento eCommerce store. Our 3X speed is also compatible with the additional functionalities of your eCommerce store. Our 3X speed optimization creates best user experiences, reduces bounce rates, reduces server load time drastically, increases profit for your magento business and enhances your Magento execution, optimization and page speed.

Fast-Tracking Your Business Will Shoot Up Your Profits And Be Inviting For Customers.

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We understand the New World Order: Mobile First

You are left with no option but to reach your customers first only through mobile. We are here to build an app for your Magento eCommerce store. An app that will be designed on your business gluttony. Our user-oriented, handy and slick app will surely attract millions of your customers out there in the world.

Enabling eBusiness And eShopping On The Go.

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Magento Cloud Solutions That Keeps Your Business Agile

When sales and traffic get heavy, Magento cloud solutions will ensure your site doesn’t go down at the wrong time. Let your Magento eCommerce store be optimized 24/7, no matter where your customer is. Ensure your content is delivered quickly by hosting your store in Magento cloud. Moreover, get even real-time performance analytics for your Magento eCommerce store. Magento cloud solutions will deploy new features faster, boost business performance, reduce cost, improve alignment with customers and partners and also easily scale to meet unexpected demands, etc.

Stuffing Things Is A Lot More Easier With Cloud. Ping Us To Move Your Magento To Cloud
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We Ensure Your Site’s Uniform Response Across All Browsing Platforms

We ensure that you reach a large number of audience with a responsive website that looks equally engaging even on smart-phones and tablets. We make this possible by creating highly effective and responsive themes.

Our experienced developers design responsive e-shops that are compatible with both computing and mobile devices. Our Magento store development ensures that the website fits into varying screen sizes. Our Magento site development applies technology that enables fitting into any browser width and resolutions. Therefore, we ensure uniformity in your Magento eCommerce store’s design, clarity, loading speed and navigation across all devices.

One Rule For Similar Business Crafts- Easy Pacing To Lighten Your Head And Reap Cherishable Benefits.

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We Are a Pit-Stop for Magento Installation,
Configuration, Migration, and Upgrades

Magento Installations

Our dedicated Magento development services team will help in getting Magento installed on your server. We do Magento installation service fastly and efficiently based on Magento best practices, ensuring optimized performance and reliability. Some of the main features of our service include,

  • Easy and reliable Magento installation
  • Secure and error-free installation
  • Installing Magento on the desired server
  • Shopping cart integration and template installation
  • Extension configuration: After the Magento eCommerce store installation process, we will configure and modify options so that the extensions are suitable for your website.
  • Fixing Bugs: During the installation process, extensions can clash with some theme’s existing extensions. We attend to this problem.

Install With Us To Instil Assurance And Confidence.

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Magento Configuration

Proper configuration is required for any application to work efficiently. Improper configuration will be a hindrance for future extensions and functionalities. You will also face situations like low optimization, malfunctioning of the system, non-working links, etc.

Zuan’s Magento experts proficient in configuration techniques such as importing bulk orders, shipping and payment methods, and other deployment techniques will ensure that your magento application runs smoothly, achieving more optimization.

We Figure Out The Right Configuration For A Smooth Running Of Your Business.

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Magento Migration

We provide Magento 2 migration services in case you want to move from your older platform to Magento 2 or from Magento to Magento 2. The Magento migration process depends on the way your eCommerce store is built and customized. We have the experience of performing dozens of Magento eCommerce store migration processes. This enables us to overcome bottlenecks, ensuring the smooth transfer from an old solution to a new one.

Our experts will work with you in order to understand your existing data structure and processes, and eventually migrate your eCommerce store, without interfering with your data integrity.

The endless flexibility of Magento platform allows the augmented growth of your e-store without impeding its performance or functionality.

The significance of migration to Magento 2 is,
  • Magento 2 has a brand new architecture and database design
  • The system is more dependable and secure
  • It is more flexible and faster, suiting your business needs
  • You get all the latest features developed by Magento and its community
Zuan has performed dozens of migrations to Magento 2 and it includes,
  • Data migration that includes, settings, categories tree, products, users, and orders
  • Substituting or updating your current website’s extensions with those compatible with Magento 2.0
  • Transferring existing theme to the new website
  • Offering quality assurance in order to avoid any loss of data or custom features

Migrate Better With Us To Experience An Amazing Transformation.

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Magento Upgrading

You are interested in upgrading Magento to the newest version but need help? Zuan’s team has years of experience in the process of Magento 2 upgrading. Through reliable Magento site development service, we can help you to upgrade, stay secure and keep your system functionality.

You have to bear in mind that Magento Inc. officially supports version 1.x only up to November 2018. Therefore, it is mandatory that every business owner completes the upgrading process before the stipulated time.

It is important to regularly upgrade your e-store for the following reasons,

  • By regularly upgrading, you bring in new features and make sure that the security issues in the earlier versions are fixed. Fixing security issues is very essential for your Magento store’s safety.
  • By not upgrading, you make your e-store an easy target for hackers

Upgrading consumes some time and moreover, new installations add to the difficulty. These worries can be solved when you reach out to us through our innovative Magento store development techniques. We help you upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or help you stay updated with current releases for Magento 1.x or Magento 2.x. Our upgrading service includes,

  • Upgrade and backup of database
  • Installation of latest security patches
  • Updating Magento core
  • Publish your up-graded e-commerce store
  • Fixing bugs

Non-Upgradation Leads To Degradation Of Your Online Status Quo.

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At Zuan we are proficient in implementing enterprise level-integrations across a variety of applications, systems, platforms and third-party services. We do that for Magento too. With our Magento eCommerce solutions, we integrate with whatever you need to sync with. It can be in cloud, on-premise or a combination of both. Our Magento integrations services help improve reporting, saves time and money, increases revenue, improves customer service and experience, streamline processes and much more.

Our integration with specific external systems, include ERP, CRM, shipping, gateway and other marketplace integrations.

Better Integrations To Fast-Forward Your Business Deals.

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Magento 2 Development Services

We always believe in providing a leading edge by incorporating new and trending technologies for your Magento e-commerce store. You can align your business with the new era of online commerce with the help of our Magento 2 development services.

You can either develop a new or update your existing website. With our Magento eCommerce development solutions, we explore all the Magento 2 possibilities for retailers in order to generate maximum store sales.

Our proficient Magento developers tweak an existing website or build a new Magento website to display, sell and promote your products.

Magento 2- The Ultimate Online Business Enhancer, Fine-Tuned With Zuan’s Profit-Yielding Technology

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Magento Support and Maintenance

Even the smallest of an issue with your Magento store can literally cost you money. Moreover, just like brick and mortar, poor customer experience will not only affect the visitor’s sale on that particular day but also affect future sales. In the present era of eCommerce, it is mandatory that reliable Magento certified experts are always near you. Zuan’s 24X7 is exactly that. We provide unmatched Magento maintenance service.

Whether providing an emergency support or proactively installing the latest security patches and everything in between, Zuan’s Magento support and maintenance experts will have your Magento eCommerce store covered.

Expert Knowledge Of Magento Makes Zuan Your Right Tools-Man.

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24/7 Monitoring

Zuan’s 24/7 assistance to attend to urgent fixes, repairs and enhance your Magento store.

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Quality Assurance

Zuan’s Pixel-Perfect project implementation. Testing Done By Certified Developers.

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Fine Tuning Performance

Zuan ensures Jet-Speed And Optimal Performance of your website. This will Enchant And Delight your customers.


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