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Facebook Launched Dedicated Web Interface For Messenger


Ever tried to read a Facebook message on the web without being distracted by your News Feed and notification? Well now Facebook has found a way to let you use Messenger in peace from your web interface. It released as on 08/04/15 as a devoted chat interface. First, it has released worldwide for English users with support to come for more languages in the future.

It allows you to send messages from Facebook as usual, but this will become the favorite of busy users, or those persons that use Facebook to chat with friends without being bothered by the social content chaos of its main site.

The company tells that the dedicated desktop messaging experience is meant only to be a compliment to the Messenger mobile application. The site displays the list of your threads on the left and with a chat window on the right. Moreover, you have the ability to use most of the mobile applications features from the chat window, including our audio and video calls.

Moreover, for now it lacks three things namely

1.       The ability to record and send audio messages

2.       Instantly send a photo from your web cam, and

3.       Use the new Messenger platform content sharing apps.

Doing the same on the web like splitting Messenger’s app off from Facebook on mobile, would give the company more space to pack in bonus features that differentiate it from SMS and other chat apps.

One effective feature of is that their ability to turn on desktop notifications so as to get a little pop-up on your computer screen whenever you get a message.

This move is followed by the launch of Facebook’s new acquisition WhatsApp’s web interface. But one big question is that whether Facebook will launch a desktop client for Messenger that would rescue chat from the crowded web browser and make it instantly accessible with a single click from people’s desktops.

Now you can chat without Facebook.

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