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13 Handy Tips for Small eCommerce Businesses to Strike Higher

A few small ecommerce stores are at high threatening when compared to bigger sites like Amazon. When sites like Amazon can make a better brand detection, why others are not able to attain it?
The initial action is to analyse your weak point which would help to rise out from the mass. With the help of Internet you can fight.

13 Handy Tips for Small eCommerce Businesses to Strike Higher


Mostly, many links, brand names and social status are covered by big sites, where small stores like you are not much familiar with. This cannot be overcome by any bully power.


The other features of the big sites are they put up for sale almost everything. So the people will directly login to their site without even considering any alternatives. Finally, they don’t have to promote themselves.


It would be very hard to compete on price unless you posses a bigger amount of buying power. Bigger sites like Amazon can reduce their costs, by which you could not see more money.

Short-Head Traffic

Therefore, with all that authority and brand names, massive sites can go for big rank. Yet small ecommerce stores like you can compete with them by doing plenty but with less difficulty. Let us view few tips.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is surely an influential tool. We can connect it with ecommerce sites in a powerful ways.

1. Blog well and Blog Often

Creating a blog for every ecommerce site is very vital deed. It is indeed a huge way to construct power and reliability. Your blog should be pleasing your readers by illustrating your position which will help to gain their trust.

2. Link Out

There is a quite an illusion that linking to other site is not good. But the reality is that linking to appropriate sites will help the users to find out more resources. This would certainly not de-rank your site it may in fact help to improve them. Linking out would surely set you separately from other ecommerce sites.

3. Make an Info graphic

Fill up your blog with more images and visual items rather than text. This would make it more attractive to the readers.
Category Pages
It is essential to have category pages and product pages to promote your blog.

4. Create Awesome Category Pages

Make your category page more enjoyable while browsing. With a bit of creativity you can create your page to help those who are not really sure what they are in need.

5. Offer Free Help

In addition to your category page you can add some more information that would contain some important content of your page and add importance for the reader.

Products Pages

By making your product page a little bit motivating will give you biggest benefit as a smaller retailer.

6. Use Rich Snippets

Try to include all significant data of your product or snippets, which would permit you to exhibit your data in a structured way. Between, a structured data will help you to show your product exactly in the search results.

7. Allow User Generated Content

Being a smaller retailer your biggest possession is your customer. You could send an email to your new customer and ask them to put a review on your product along with the incentive offers for their next purchase. This would somehow impress the buyers.

8. Make Product Videos

People are more interested in watching out the videos than by reading a text. Exhibit a video of your product and this would work out well in attracting the customers.

9. Connect Products to Blog Posts

While using a video for your demonstration you could link each tool to the applicable product page. Along with blogging you could add a part on your product pages labelled “job tutorials using this tool”. This would make your product page more readable.

Link Building

Creating a link for a worthy content would obviously deserve you high rank. All new ecommerce website are in need of links.

10. Link to Products

While you are constructing links to your product page it would surely make your life more awesome. Also build links to your blog posts too to ensure more power to your site.

11. Get Product Reviews

The concept head in your industry can be given a free thing in return of a product review. This would help to build your brand name and get traffic.

12. Never Forget Social Media

Social media is the great treasure. It brings the bond between the customer and your brand. It will easily grab the attention of your users.
Conversion Rate Optimization

13. Test Your Assumptions

Every ecommerce business proprietor should endlessly check for their assumptions. Try out your different layouts for product pages and find out which layout works best. You can test and frequently twist your site to give out better conversion rates.

Follow the above guidelines & Increase your online ecommerce store sales in a faster manner.

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