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5 Great Tips for Link Building

Improving the quality of content on your site is one way to increase your rankings within Google’s search engine, continuing to perform the tried and true link building methods will also help improve your site’s rankings.

Below are five great methods that The Search Labs recommends you use to promote your website and build high quality links to improve your site’s rankings within Google’s search engine.

Volunteer work

Doing some type of volunteer work or assisting an associate with a project is two good ways to get a link to your website or blog. After helping out an organization or associate within your industry, you can ask the organization to place a link to your blog or website on theirs, providing you with an excellent back link to help increase your website ranking.

Host a Charity Event

Hosting a charity event is another great link building method SEO professionals can use to diversify their link portfolios. When you host or sponsor a charity event, you can create a press release alerting the world about your event. In this press release you can place a link back to your website.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has long been a popular link building method among search engine optimization professionals. The secret to building quality links through blog commenting is only leaving comments on do follow sites

Guest Posting

Writing a guest post (just like this one!) for another blog in your industry is a great way to gain high value backlinks. This will increase your chances of being allowed to post your article on a highly valued, high page rank site.


Reaching out to your business associates and offering to exchange links is another link building option at your disposal. First, create a list of contacts within your industry that have a website that is relevant to yours. Contact these associates and explain that you would like to place a link to their website on yours in exchange to a back link from their blog or website. It is important to remember to only exchange links with relevant websites that contain quality content. Staying away from websites that are marginally relevant to yours will increase the effectiveness of this back linking strategy.

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