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All about Google’s New Stance on Mobile-Friendly Algo 2015


As you know, Google is getting bigger with mobile, there is no doubt on the fact that Google is driving mobile revolution. So will Google overhaul their algorithm to credit mobile-friendly websites?

Let’s check this out!!

Recently Google webmaster central has said that Google will expand mobile friendliness as their ranking signal which means Google will be rolling out a significant algorithm staring April 21, 2015!! This might have a bigger impact than Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm!

How to check whether your website is mobile-friendly?

Check your website with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page.

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test

Probably you will be getting flaws in mobile usability test results, which in turn asks you with feedback forms.

Another way to check your website’s mobile friendliness is to check in the search engine result page, SERP whether your website has the Mobile-Friendly Label. Then, you must check out with Google’s Mobile Usability Report for recommendations to improve the mobile usability.

Zuan Technologies SERP screeshot

Some Facts about Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm

  • Ranking factor runs real time basis for every page individually – meaning every page should be optimized the right way.
  • It operates in real-time so the new algorithm change can benefit any website that is updates itself to mobile-friendly.
  • Some of the website’s features that are good at desktop will be equally good for mobile friendliness.
  • App indexing will get a bigger space for ranking signals in search results


So what you should do to be on the safer side? As this digital era is mobile-centric, we have to follow what Google commands, as they lead the way:

  • Make your website responsive, if not done yet.
  • Address your mobile-usability issues with webmaster tools.
  • Associate an android app with your website, make it deeplinked and indexed as soon as possible.
  • Keep monitoring your metrics and follow the Google rollout of the mobile-friendly algorithm update on April 21.
  • Finally, Keep pace with Google updates, learn, listen and test to be up-to-date with the changing scenario of search world.

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