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Congrats Mangalyaan Mars Mission

Congrats ISRO’s MOM for Successfully Entering the Mars Orbit

India makes a big history in becoming the first country to send spacecraft successfully into the Mars Orbit that too in its first attempt!! Being the first Asian Country to enter the Mars, it’s making us more proud to celebrate this wonderful moment.

Zuan Technology Team is very much pleased to congratulate the entire team of ISRO, who worked hard with sincerity and warmth to make this happen!!

Mangalyaan Mars Mission

It’s an immense pride to celebrate the ISRO’s MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) for successfully accomplishing the task that took only one-sixth of the cost when compared to NASA!

On Saturday, the 24th of September, India has created a record break history is launching Mangalyaan to the red planet of the universe.

Our esteemed Prime Minister Narendra Modi said –

“We join the elite club of three other nations – Russia, US and Europe and what is so special that we have succeeded in the first attempt, which has not been so with all other attempts”. It is also special since only 21 of the 51 missions have succeeded.”

Exactly, at 7:17 am IST, Mangalyaan entered into the orbit of Mars and by 08:02 am IST, the Tweeter handle of Mars Oribter said:

After Russia, US and Europe, India is the fourth country that joins the elite club of nations to make this awesome moment to happen!!

Here is the Greeting Tweet from NASA’s Curiosity Rover:

In fact, other countries took 51 missions out of which only 21 was successful costing 10,000 crores. But, India has made it with just 450 crores and is the cheapest interplanetary mission even in the history of the world to start the study of the Red planet! It’s a great moment for Indians and we must pave our salute for the great pride and accomplishment!

Mangalyaan Mars Orbit

Sources say The Mangalyaan – which means “Mars craft” in Hindi – will soon begin work studying the Red Planet’s atmosphere.”

At this moment, we are delighted to convey our hearty congratulations and best wishes to ISRO Team!

Proud to be Indian!!

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