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Gmail Launches “UNDO” Feature for Sent Email


The new “UNDO” Button for the Gmail Users is launched by Google, which gives a chance to retrieve mistakenly sent email…!

The world’s most reputable email service, Gmail gives a new “undo” feature button for those who really suffer in life for sending wrong mails which they do not want to. Now those who have been suffered can now be in peace by using this best feature launched by Google.

Substantially, Gmail gives its users a time limit of 5 to 30 seconds to resolve whether to click the “undo” button if they have sent wrong mail, but exactly after 30 seconds the mail will be launched to strike the email’s recipient.

Previously this feature of Gmail was just under testing stages but, on June 22 it has been announced and took the real form by updating to all the Gmail accounts of the public users. But, it is said it might take at least 2 weeks to complete updating it to all the Gmail users. If you want to add this feature in your mail box then, go to settings and enable UNDO features from the list of Menu.

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