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What is Google Penguin Algorithm?

Google penguin is the penalty of over-optimization that focuses on stopping low quality website taking the top rank of the search result. Google announces these sites as SPAM as they don’t always present information to the users according to their necessity.
And this update forced to cry many of top ranking websites at initial stage. Most of websites are penalized those are using keywords stuffing for first page search engine visibility.

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  • Previous one year Google panda was continuously watching them all black hatters and somewhere in between it gave many hints for websites those were involved in black hat seo.
  • Google panda was not affecting that much as Penguin one update ruined them all black hatters. The penguin emperor comes to town.
  • Panda just decreased minor website ranking in search results but penguin algorithm one update hits hard even best known websites those involved in keyword stuffing.
  • This update produces its results and many of websites are disappeared from Google search overnight those were ranked in first page by keyword stuffing.

Tips  to Overcome Google Penguin Few Tips:

  • Removing keyword stuffing that is first update of penguin algorithm to reduce web spam. Do not put or repeat again and again keywords and only keywords in title and description.
  • Do not over optimize, webmasters use repeat keywords that create keywords stuffing and that entire black hat SEO and Google love to penalize for over optimization.
  • Make sensible title that looks for human readable not for machine.
  • Use simple words people do not use and search industry jargon as wrote in google webmaster blog.
  • Avoid unnatural links e.g. participation in link exchange program, traffic exchange etc.
  • Do not publish spun content or article spinning; it could be raise plagiarism issue anytime that will be dangerous for your blog.
  • Guest post, Well guest posting is a white hat seo but we can’t ignore if spun content used in article that make it black hat technique.
  • Too much affiliate link that does not have anything only affiliate related content.
  • Avoid hidden text and links that used for special purpose for search engine queries only.

Hopefully all these tips helpful for safe SEO optimization and Google penguin always love your website.

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