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Saluting India for taking a historic step to fight against corruption!

PM Modi’s war on black money takes the nation by surprise!

Yesterday Indian Government suddenly declared the news “Rs.500 & Rs.1000 currency notes are invalid from the midnight of Nov. 08, 2016” and it is being welcomed by majority of people in the nation since it is the powerful measure to crackdown corruption.

Black Money and Corruption were the biggest obstacles in India to eradicate poverty and this is a great surprise move by Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi’s government!

A big salute to all those minds behind this extensive measure in making India Incredibly strong!

Though this sudden action will bring some impact on our economic growth, people of the nation are accepting the change to make India a corruption-free country and enabling the upcoming generation to live with dignity!

As a true citizen, let us stand by nation and contribute to this grand sacrifice for a clean India!

However, this sudden move to demonetise Rs.500 & Rs.1000 currency notes is not new to the nation since it was previously demonetised in the year 1946 and then in 1978!

Source: According to The Hindu

Let’s bid Google Bye to Rs. 1000 & Welcome the new Rs. 500 & Rs. 2000 notes!

No more black money & fake notes! May the evil of corruption die, and let us have a quick developed Nation!

Team Zuan is proud to live in this history (of surgical strike on black money) and we are looking forward to seeing good reflections for a successful & progressive nation in the near future.

To know more about PM’s announcement on the ban of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes, visit here.

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