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Why restaurant mobile app reasonsWhy restaurant mobile app reasons

Do I Need a Mobile App For My Restaurant? YES, YOU DO. HERE ARE 7 REASONS WHY.

Today, mobile food ordering became prevalent among people globally. That’s why today in this article we are going to look at the top 7 reasons why your restaurant also needs a mobile app.

30- second Summary

  • Currently, food outlets are among the businesses that stand to profit more from the emergence of mobile search.



  • As per a recent study, out of 1,500 mobile phone users, 81% of customers reported that they searched for a restaurant or any eatery using a mobile app.



  • Therefore, if you run a restaurant business, then it’s the right time to know the upcoming 7 reasons why you need to focus on mobile app development.


You may run a restaurant of any size. However, developing a restaurant app will offer continuous interaction between you and your consumers.

Furthermore, if developed properly with great user experience, your app can improve customer retention. As they will keep coming back to purchase which in turn increases your ROI.

Also, a great app experience will make customers happy to review, comment, and recommend.

Hence, by reading this article, you will come to know

  • The current situation in mobile among restaurants
  • The major reasons to build your restaurant app
  • The engaging features to include in your restaurant mobile app development


The current Restaurant App Statistics- You Must Know

Since the last few years, consumers are exhibiting a growing interest in using mobile apps to do everything from ordering food to placing reservations.

In such a case, restaurants adopting mobile apps can help save tons of money and time.

If you still do not believe, here are the statistics for you to learn more about the benefits of mobile apps for restaurants.


  • Starting from 2015 to 2020, the percentage of people ordering food through a smartphone has multiplied x times, going from 11% to a staggering 65%.



  • 61% of consumers say that ordering food via mobile phones is very simple and easy to avoid standing in the queue.



  • 34% of consumers believe that delivery takes less time than picking up food on their own.



  • 63% of consumers find delivery more convenient than dining out.

However, you may think that you don’t need a mobile food ordering app for your restaurant because consumers already have access to so many third-party applications.

Yes, of course, it’s true. There are so many restaurant apps like GrubHub, UberEats, and DoorDash do a lot of business.

But, when you take a closer look at consumer behaviors and preferences- though 70% of people prefer to order food directly from their favorite restaurant’s app or website, not third party services.

So, here is the breakdown, why restaurants need their own mobile apps.

  • Restaurant app or website – 52%
  • GrubHub – 34%
  • UberEats – 20%
  • Eat24 – 17%
  • com – 16%
  • Amazon Restaurants – 11%
  • DoorDash – 11%


The Major Reasons Why Your Restaurant Need a mobile app

In today’s digital world, there are no other ways to reach consumers’ attention than building a mobile app. So, below are some of the major reasons why you need to use this interactive tool to increase profit.


1. To Reach Your Audience Within their Geographical Boundaries

Restaurant Business Apps are one of the best ways for a business to reach its super local users.

Moreover, there are a number of ways restaurants can decide to target your users locally, such as through iBeacon technology, GPS based coupons, and even localized marketing.


2. Zero-hassle Booking Experience

Sometimes your local consumers may feel like they don’t want to cook at night or their fridge looks empty.

At this point, encouraging users with a hassle-free booking reservation feature in your restaurant mobile app increases customer retention.

Experienced restaurant app builders can aid you to get an app that later helps your customers in reserving a table at their preferred time from the comfort of their home.

Further, the app takes away the trouble of walking down to the favorite restaurant or calling the help desk to reserve a seat. This way you can offer them a very comfortable dining experience.


3. Notify Customers

There is no doubt that restaurants mostly offer amazing deals for their audience based on the season or any particular festival.

So, when you hire a mobile app development company to create a mobile application for a restaurant. You get the right product that helps you send push notifications to your customers informing them diners about attractive deals.

This in turn helps you in gaining more mobile food ordering.


4. Boost Your Restaurant’s Brand Awareness

When you build restaurant apps, you increase the reach of your brand awareness.

This is because the food delivery app is always there on the mobile phone of your customers, reminding them all the time about your business. This is also one of the most important benefits which you should not ignore.

As a part of creating a restaurant business app, you get the opportunity to send push notifications to the customers highlighting the special days’ deals. This can tempt them to order your food via mobile.

Further, every single notification from your restaurant on the users’ mobile device is equal to an opportunity to build deeper brand depth in the users’ minds.


5. Offer Personalized Mobile App Experience

The main objective of the restaurant mobile app development process is to first obtain and store personal information about the user.

Later, you can use the same information to send personalized messages and deals to enhance the overall brand experience.

Moreover, Personalized restaurant app design has over time developed as the equivalent to an engaged customer base and greater brand retention.


6. You can Promote Services

By incorporating the review and feedback section in your restaurant app design. You get ready-made access to all the opinions and stats that the users are carrying on. But, not just about your mobile app but also your business.

Apart from highlighting the areas where you are lacking for its betterment, the review and feedback section will be useful.

This will give you an idea of how to grow your restaurant business further and how to improve your restaurant through mobile apps.


7. Enhance Returning visits

A customer loyalty program in the app plays an important role in improving return visits.

There is no fantasy in saying that customers using loyalty programs are at a higher chance to return. So, get this benefit by implementing a great restaurant app.


Some of the Engaging Features Your Restaurant App Should Have

While the above reasons are enough to invest in a restaurant app builder agency, there are some of the important elements that have emerged as the must-have features of a restaurant app. Let us glance through them very quickly.



This is one of the primary options that every restaurant mobile app should not ignore.


Mobile Ordering and Payment

Time is a valuable source for today’s consumers on the go, so it’s definitely a “must-have” option for restaurants.

why restaurant mobile app

Loyalty Programs

These programs provide higher levels of return business, as they support diners to keep coming back to pursue rewards.


Social Media and Review Integration

Social media integration has become a permanent feature for every mobile app out there.


Table Reservation

A table reservation feature for the restaurant app is absolutely essential to enhance customer retention.


Location-based Services

This feature enables customer engagement, prior to the customer’s arrival at the actual location.

why restaurant mobile app


Reviews and Feedback

Integrated feedback feature form enables you to get actionable insights into how to enhance your customer experience.


Search Option

This is an important feature that helps customers to look for food items or restaurants



So, are you ready to better engage with your customers by developing your own restaurant mobile app with the above features?

why restaurant mobile app

Then, your next step is to contact our team of skilled restaurant app developers @ +91-9176011636 and start with your dream to not just increase the footfall in your restaurant but also increase the user experience.

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