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SEO vs SMOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting high search placement in the organic or natural listing of search engines

Social Media Optimization (SMO) has the ability to drive huge amount of targeted niche traffic to a site quickly. It is also another way to network with potential clients and build a good reputation online.

Which one is better Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

  • To answer this question will compare the advantages and disadvantages of both Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

  • Targeted traffic
  • Works almost all niches
  • Long term traffic
  • Great Return on Investment (ROI)
  • High quality traffic
  • There’s no need for a popular profile to get traffic

Disadvantages of Search Engine Optimization

  • The process of SEO takes time and effort
  • Contents need to be readable by search engine spiders
  • The site structure should be optimized for search engine spiders

Social Media Optimization

Advantages of Social Media Optimization

  • Quick traffic
  • Helps SEO in building backlinks
  • Increase popularity of website
  • Can create brand image of a website
  • No need to optimized the site structure for search engine spiders
  • You’ll get valuable contacts

Disadvantages of Social Media Optimization

  • Contents should be readable by human readers
  • Needs to have a popular profile to get lots of traffic
  • Will work on some niches

Both are great internet marketing tool and have its own benefits. Some people believes that SEO is better than SMO and some believes that SMO is better than SEO. Well for me both plays a great role in driving traffic and the two work together rather than separately.

 It drives traffic to our site so why not combine them to get a much better result since SEO benefits from SMO through the backlinks that gives significant impact in search engine rankings. If both done correctly will work like a needle in a thread.

SMO works great if your topic is about entertainment, music, sports, technology, and other internet related stuffs.

It can give you plenty of traffic in short term while in SEO, it works great with almost all of the niches and it can give long term traffic to your site though, the process of doing it takes some time and effort.

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