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Shining Diwali Celebration 2016 at Zuan Technologies

Festival of lights is meant to boost up our inner spirits and Diwali celebration at Zuan is pretty much the same. People at Zuan celebrated the ethnic day on the 27th of October 2016 on behalf of Diwali. We were all dressed up in Dhotis & Sarees, arrived at the office and started the works as usual.

And the interesting celebration kick-started in the noon where we had exciting games and activities lined up for the employees!

Yes, we played mind blowing games with interesting fun activities by splitting into 3 teams and it was more or less like a tug-of-war! The games included musical chair, knocking out tumbler stacks using soft air balls, making highest pyramid using newspaper, finding the connecting word using multiple images (connexions), and a few more. We also had snacks and sweets with Chai in the middle to keep the tracks energetic, #lol!

Finally, we ended up the day by bursting crackers signifying the festive glow of Diwali.


On the whole it was totally a fun filled day and a spectacular Diwali celebration we ever had!

Hope you also enjoy this Diwali and have an amazing colourful weekend. Here’s wishing you all a Happy & Shining Diwali! May this festive season bring you loads of happiness, success and good spirits! 🙂

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