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Industries that use Field service softwareIndustries that use Field service software

Top 5 Industries that Can’t Ignore Field Service Software!

I hope you decided to invest in a new field service software. That’s great!

But don’t know whether your industry really benefits from it? No worries…Check out if you belong to the below 5 major industries that can’t ignore the field service software.

Let’s get started,


What Is Field Service Management?


Field service management is a system that helps ventures to manage task deployment responsibilities.

It includes but isn’t limited to – collecting user complaints, scheduling field workers, managing resources, billing, etc.

To put in simple words- When you need a beauty product, you order through a mobile app.

Or call via phone and place an order to deliver it to your doorstep. 

Once your order request is received, the field service management company manages your order through a delivery guy from schedule to tracking to dispatch.

Alongside this, the field service management company manages many other delivery teams and takes care of a number of requests like yours!


What Is Field Service Software?

However, carrying out the field service management activities manually can be a painstaking process. 

It involves Collecting user complaints on Excel, calling field technicians one by one, and having them tend to the requests, billing customers manually, and so on.

Further, these things take a lot of time, and in the FSM space, time is equivalent to money. 

If you take too long to finish one order, you are keeping yourself far away from succeeding. 

But, when you can manage multiple orders with ease, you will be able to see better profits than before.

Hence to manage the field team and increase your business profits, customer retention, and SLA performance, the field service software is made.


field service software

It helps in tracking employees and route optimization in real-time.

The FSM tools help businesses make the day-to-day activities of field management seamlessly. 

They automate a maximum of the work and allow the business to focus more on growth.

A simple comparison for this automation, with the field service management software, you can collect orders and assign them to workers automatically.

This helps in saving time, increasing productivity, and increasing profits rather than noting down customer orders manually in paper or excel sheets. 

Therefore, equipping yourself with the right FSM tool, you are able to eliminate the problems that keep you from scaling.


Top 5 major Industries that Will Best Benefit through Field Service Software:


1. Electrical Businesses


When it comes to running an electrical business, technicians are required to have a wide skill-set to complete the task. 

Further, a good electrical business should make their customers’ experience better by making every process from placing a request to billing efficiently.

And this process becomes much simpler when the right FSM software is employed!

Trazr- the best Field Service Management(FSM) software helps better the experience field workers have, by providing them with means to navigate hassle-free and bill customers easily.

Additionally, this ensures that field technicians are able to finish more orders, thereby bringing in more revenue.


field service software

Benefits that you leverage from our field service software

  • Service schedules automatically generated
  • Set pricing and billing cycles
  • Quickly assign and schedule employees
  • Measure revenue and costs
  • Track payroll costs, material consumed and other administrative expenses
  • Mobile checklist feature for quality control, or for guided repair service on equipment
  • Assign employees and pay them through our financial integration services


2. Plumbing Industries


Plumbing industries depend a lot on resources. Be it spanners or large PVC pipes.

In such a case, if you’re running a plumbing business, you will need an FSM software mainly for efficient resource management.

Field jobs often require a lot of skilled warehousing and inventory management. While this is done manually, it’ll be too difficult.

However, when backed by software like Trazr, field technicians will be able to manage their inventory efficiently.

Therefore, to succeed in the plumbing business, you require to manage multiple customer orders together without delay.


field service software

Because it’s acceptable Customers are not likely to wait when their faucet is leaking!

They need an immediate response.

Hence, having a field service management software for your venture ensures that you are able to schedule and dispatch technicians without delay.


3. Telecom Ventures


Telecom industries have a lot of heavy lifting to do on a daily basis.

Hence, having a backing of an excellent FSM software like Trazr will help your telecom venture carry out orders blazing fast!

There is always a sense of urgency when it comes to telecom requests.

Further, your venture is able to get back to customers quickly with the right field service management software.

Some Common field service management software features include

  • Work order management
  • Inventory management
  • Dispatch
  • Scheduling
  • Fleet tracking
  • Reporting and analytics


4. Delivery Businesses 


Currently, the delivery business is on the rise.

Everyone is opting for online shopping.

From food ordering to delivering groceries, a number of similar services are gaining traction in the markets.

Hence, running a delivery business is more serious when compared to other services.

This is because the frequency of customer orders here will always be high.

Once you provide excellent customer service will only increase customer retention.

Hence to satisfy Several hundred customers who place food orders, and your venture must be equipped enough to cater to their requests.

With our FSM system, you get tools for:

  • customer appointments, ticketing, order management, project management
  • complex scheduling and routing optimization
  • worker activity management (driver logs, time tracking, job status updates)
  • automatic vehicle location and driver safety
  • inventory, accounting, and other back-office systems integration


5. Equipment Maintenance


As an equipment maintenance business, you have a lot of responsibilities.

It includes managing assets, meeting customer requirements swiftly, providing quality service, and ultimately boosting your ROI.

This is why field team management software is essential.

It helps you handle customer needs without any trouble and ensures your technicians have a convenient time on the field.

field service software


With our field service software, you get mobile-ready features:

  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Quotes
  • Payments
  • Inventory lookup and reservations

Bottom Line:


Choosing the best Field service management software (FSM)solution provider is a highly complex landscape with so many options to choose from.

Further, it can be confusing to even begin looking at which vendors might be right for your company.

Stop worrying and grow your business with Trazr.

Try Trazr for your business today. One of the leading Field Service Management Software (FSM), Trazr comes equipped with facilities that will make managing your business a smooth process. Try it free today, call us and book a demo!

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