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What is a Link Wheel?

What is a Link Wheel?

A link wheel is a combination of different links which ultimately point back to your site. A link wheel is created by setting up a variety of Web 2.0 properties and other mediums which generate “do follow” links which then link back to your site(s).

Here are the tips that you might find useful in creating a link wheel in your SEO campaign:

  • You can increase search engine result visibility by using ideal keywords on the site content. Remember that such keywords are what people usually type to be able to find your website.
  •  Regularly update your site content so your link wheel is always fresh and relevant at all times. Moreover, it gives an impression to online users that your website features the newest innovations regarding the topic discussed.
  •  You can also build multiple link wheels that link to your main page to other web pages of your site as it can improve your ranking. With this, you have the potential to drive a great volume of traffic circulating within your website.
  •  And lastly, keep in mind not to copy anyone’s link wheel structure exactly as the quality of your back links will be reduced if you do such thing. What you can do is get ideas from different link wheel patterns and combine such ideas to make a unique structure, yet it is still best to create your own original structure.



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