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10 Usability Testing & Research Tools for Ultimate User Experience

Keeping your website in par with your competitor website requires continuous improvement. This process requires consistent user testing, optimization, adjustments, and iterations. To help you in this, we have collected a list of user testing and research tools that help you analyze your website in a new way.

1. Crazyegg

Crazyegg is website tracking services that enables users to visualize where visitors interacting on the website. It offers overlay, heatmap and list views of click patterns. This type of click tracking is not available in many of the website visitor tracking products.

Crazyegg is basically for the people who :

  • Want more revenue from ad

  • Care for what visitors do

  • Need to make improvements

  • Like things that are simple and easy

The features provided by crazyegg are heatmap, scrollmap, overlay report and confetti report. Pricing ranges from $9 to $99 per month and is available in four different plans namely basic, standard, plus and pro.

Crazyegg Heat Map Tool


2. Loop11

Loop11 provides a detailed insight and understanding of user behaviour that are obtained via a live, interactive environment where users are asked to complete a list of tasks and questions on the website or interface. It is designed to help companies understand their user behaviour and to enable users to test the user experience of any web page to discover navigational and usability issues.

Users create a test and invite a particular number of participants to test their pages. Loop11 then provides a report of real-time usability metrics and video playbacks of test participants viewing the web pages.

Loop11 is available in three pricing packages that are based on the size of the company. They are Micro ($158 per month), Enterprise ($825 per month) and  SMB ($410 per month). Users also have the option to pay on the go, starting at $350 per project.

Loop-11 Tools

3. Mouseflow

Mouseflow performs advanced website analytics and realtime user studies on websites and records whole visitor sessions including mouse movements, scroll events, clicks and keystrokes. Website administrators can then watch the visitor sessions directly in their browser, just as if they were looking at their visitor sitting next to them .

Mouseflow can be used to perform large automated user studies that are cheap and easy to deploy and can be used to minimize abandon rates, to discover ways of increasing conversion rates and to discover problematic parts of a website. The boardroom-ready statistical data, heat maps and graphs provide an overall idea about how users interact with the website.

Pricing ranges from $19 to $399 and is available in four different packages depending on the number of recorded sessions.

4. Attensee

Attensee lets you assess your website’s layout in terms of design goals completion and choose the best performing version without any risk of wasting traffic. It  measures where people pay attention by eye-tracking without any additional hardware or invasive special equipment.

Attensee produces rich data that allows you to understand what attracts and holds people’s attention in the online world in a way that is scalable, cost effective, and reliable. It charges $49 per month.

Attensee Tools

5. HotJar

Hotjar provides both analytics and feedback utilities in just one app, so you receive a mix of indirect user interaction observation as well as direct Q&A.  These analytics and feedback utilities include:

  • Heat map

  • Recording

  • Funnel

  • Form

  • Poll

  • Survey

  • Recruiter

The insights generated from these tools let the users improve the usability of their navigation, identify confusing areas, remove ignored content, adjust page copy, etc.

Pricing ranges from free to $89 per month depending on the page view count your site views each day.

 All-in-one Analytics and Feedback Tool

6. The User Is Drunk

The User Is Drunk is a web usability tool that allows you to gain insight into how users actually experience interfaces. It gives users an alternative view of the the traditional user test.

Richard Littauer, a UX professional and developer will get very drunk, and then review your website. He’ll will then send you a document outlining where he thought the website needed help, and a screencast of him going over the website. Cost: $250 per website


7. The User Is My Mom

The User Is My Mom is a service that will tell you if moms can navigate your interface. Organized by The User Is Drunk’s Richard Littauer and developer and entrepreneur Scotty Allen, The User Is Your Mom employs Allen’s mom to review your website.

This tool is designed to uncover the barriers and distractions that well-seasoned web users are often blind to. Cost: $100 per site

8. Morae

Morae, one of the best usability software tools on the market,  lets you set up, observe, record and analyze usability studies, field research, focus groups and product testing. You can watch the interaction remotely, take notes, and analyze results to instantly inform your optimization strategy.

  • Recorder captures audio, video, on-screen activity, and input.

  • Observer allows users to notice a tester’s website engagement in real time.

  • Manager makes it easy for users to bring their tests complete by calculating metrics, generating graphs and creating highlight videos.

The software suite is priced at $1,995.

9. Userfeel

Userfeel provides a remote usability testing that helps users understand how visitors are responding to a specific landing page or website.

Userfeel is very useful for those wanting to know what they need to do to make their website more useful to the user. It provides a multilingual network of testers, that is useful for those with global clients and campaigns. Cost: $39 per test.



10. Peek

Peek is a user testing tool that makes it easy for you to connect with a real person and uncover real insights about your website’s usability.

The tool becomes a perfect solution for marketers who are looking for a rapid turnaround since it is both fast and free. It provides a five-minute video of input that can be shared with your colleagues with just your website URL, name, number, and email address.

Peek offers an entirely free version of its service. Users can also get a upgraded version for more features starting at $49 per video.


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