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Google’s New Yellow “Ad” icon Customized for Mobile AdWords Ads

Google Ads are very well known for its nature of increasing traffic for a better ROI. They are placed in the sponsored link section that helps in boosting one’s website traffic and sales. Now Google is constantly working on to improve the visibility of displaying engaging ads on your website when viewed on mobile.

Google is testing for a new look of mobile AdWords Ads in order to make it eye-catching to the visitors. The new bright Yellow Ad icon replaces the “ad” icon which used to stay next to the “i” icon that is existing in the current design.

The brand new “Ad” label will pops gracefully because of the omission of standard yellow ad background which was in the older design.

So, now both the organic and Ads listing will be displayed in the white boxes that has a border of gray color whereas the gray background behind the Google logo is disappeared in the search box as well.

Currently it seems that Google is expanding its new yellow ad label that is found on the search ads. And it has started testing these ads with the mobile search and expanding this test to the few countries and beyond.

We hope that this test will be the AdWords new ad format that may be officially rolling out in the next few weeks for both desktops as well as the mobile search results.

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