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3 General Mistakes to AVOID in Web Design

Search engine optimization is not only about keywords and web content. Although these two elements are highly valuable for SEO, there are other elements that are also being considered by search engines. One such element is WEB DESIGN. A clean, excellently formatted, and well structured website design is what most experts call as Search Engine Optimization Web Design. Sometimes, web designs that are not geared for SEO can affect the ranking of a site. So, here are the common SEO web design mistakes that must be avoided by any webmaster:

  1. Always remember that search engine crawlers are blind. They can detect text but they cannot appreciate graphics. Crawlers treat graphics as jumbled codes or unreadable text. So do not create a web site that is mainly graphics driven. It may look good but it will be useless in the eyes of search engines. The website therefore will remain unknown because it will not be indexed by the search engine crawlers.
  2. Make sure that the website does not have any broken links. Navigation, outbound links, site wide links, should be working properly. Not checking the status of links will impact significantly on rankings. A web site with poorly maintained links will not get the approval of search engines. They will treat it as damages site thus not worthy of attention.
  3. Do not create flash homepage. These types of index pages have become popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. But creating a Flash home page is a sure suicide for websites. Crawlers will not understand Flash graphics therefore the website will certainly be doomed before it can take off.


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