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5 Basic Growth Hacking Tips for Startups


The growth of startups is one of the most difficult tasks. Proper attention is required to convince more customers and users. Start-ups, usually having a limited budget, would achieve some major payoffs if they took ‘Growth hacking’ seriously. Well funded startups could make the most of growth hacking techniques to attract more customers to the services and in turn, increase sales. There are over 140,000 new startups at the end of the previous year alone. With this start-up aid, it has become even harder to stand out of the market just with a particular idea and the quality of the product.

Growth hacking is all about making the most of knowledge of consumer actions and using it for the business growth. Growth hacking does not leads to very big marketing budgets; instead it is more specifically focused on growth of the startup. It is all about making the people talk about your startup instead of you going ear-to-ear marketing your services. Growth hacking is entirely different from traditional marketing with the primary focus being on social media, viral marketing etc. Here are the main 5 Growth hacking tips for early-stage Startup.

1.    Track the Web and Engage with Stunning Content

Always keep track of the latest trends in the industry and make sure to react properly to it by creating relevant and stunning content. Blog and guest blogging are more frequently used tool to drive more traffic and conversions to the website. Create alerts for business trends and follow them up with timely blog articles and social media posts. Guest posting on other blog sites increases the chances of enhancing the brand identity considerably. It will be great if invite writers to do guest posting at the blog and ask them to link the same on their blog. This helps in improving the online visibility considerably.

2.    Try Remarketing

Remarketing is a cost effective process. But this has proven to show amazing response from users and CTR. The attention range of users on the internet is on a rapid fall and remarketing helps to catch the attention of only the users who have already shown an interest in the services. Remarketing shows ads only to the users who have searched for the brand or its services on the web, or have went through the webpage to know more about the product or services. Targeting the campaigns towards such users while not overplay on the frequency could work fine with the startup businesses.

3.    Provide Free Products with the Services

Now everyone loves a freebie on the web. So offer the customers free incentives that go hand in hand with the services offer. This allows the customers to try out the paid services if they are satisfied with the free products that have offered. It’s better to consider offering a free informative e-book that could drive more email subscribers to the startup. This would compel users to subscribe to the paid subscriptions and it did work out pretty well for them.

4.    Reward Recurring Users with Incentives

Rewarding the genuine and frequent customers with incentives is essential for a startup to grow and this maximizes the conversion rates for sure. Loyalty programs will work for startups and rewarding the business’s loyal customers is a great way to make them revisit the site and these customers will be the potential long-term customers. Better to plan a campaign with incentives to the users who have registered for a trial to convert them into regular users with payment at a later point of time.

5.    Track the Product and Hear to Customer Feedback

Make sure to use a powerful tools to track detailed metrics about the website and learn the reasons for underperforming on conversions and work on it. Try to visualize activity on the webpage and place CTA buttons where users are most likely to click. Minimize the bounce rates and improve the conversion rates by useful information from such services. Take time to listen to the customers and keep an eye for constructive criticism and feedback to work and improve the affected areas.

These are some of the important growth hacking tips which need to remember. Make sure to apply these tips in proper way and increase the conversion rates. There are many more tips to improve the startup further but the tips listed here are good enough for a startup.

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