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5 Simply Proven Selling Techniques and Tips on How to Close a Sale Like a Pro!

You would be the one who wants to increase sales, and grow your business like me, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup founder, entrepreneur, app developer, business owner or even an eCommerce website owner for small business. There’s always exists one secret weapon that can skyrocket the growth of every business. That’s nothing but your sales team or customer service!

But if your sales team struggles to follow up on digital leads, then all the marketing efforts that you made through events, seminars or online, etc are actually waste.

As Marketers, we typically measure our online success through website leads – That is, anyone who completes our web form or downloads a white paper. But this goal to happen, it may take a person several weeks or even months. Perhaps they lose interest faster than you think.

So, if you want to convert your website traffic soon to paying customers, then you need to have a kick-ass sales funnel.

So, First Understand What is a Sales Funnel?

A Sales Funnel is the process where you lead your prospective customers through it. As it begins from the moment they become aware of your brand or products or service, and it ends when they make a purchase and become one of your customers.

A typical sales funnel has four stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Decision
  4. Action

So, if you don’t understand your basic sales funnel, you can’t optimize your website and maximize conversion.

While jumping into the selling tips to close a deal faster. Do you truly want to improve how you sell, then look no further than this research-backed collection of the very best 5 B2B sales techniques, for how to sell?

5 Selling Techniques That Will Actually Improve How You Sell


1. Sales Prospecting Techniques:

The Key to Effective Sales Prospecting is grabbing your buyer’s attention and opening the door to more fruitful sales conversations.  So, below are the three sales prospecting techniques, use them to build your pipeline and have more productive conversations with your prospects.

  • Make your Customers The Hero of the Story
  • Don’t Over Personalize Your Campaigns
  • Use “You” Phrasing, Not “We” Phrasing


2. Selling Techniques That Create Value:

Use the below four selling techniques to show your prospects why they need to change their situation and persuade them to choose you over your competition.

  • Challenge Your Prospect’s Status Quo
  • Introduce Unconsiderable Needs
  • Find Your Value Wedge
  • Tell some compelling Visual Stories


3. Phone Sales Techniques:

One of the most effective selling strategies is when you’re selling over the phone, but if you use the below two specific phone sales techniques, you can boost your persuasive impact and close more deals.

  • Tailor Your Message for Virtual Sales
  • Encourage your Prospects to participate


4. Sales Closing Techniques:

Convince your customers to change their status quo, Use these four sales closing techniques to create urgency, drive consensus among stakeholders, and convince your buyers to take action immediately.

  • Tell Stories with Contrast
  • Highlight the Risk
  • Protect your Value
  • Leverage Pivotal Agreements


5. How to Sell to Existing customers and Expand your Value:

Your sale has not got over just because your prospect becomes a customer. There’s still enough opportunity to drive growth from customer expansion opportunities like renewals and upsells. Hence, leverage these three research-backed sales techniques for selling to your existing customers.

  • Defend Your Customer’s Status Quo
  • Upsell by Reinforcing the Relationship
  • Know-How to Apologize

Following this, I am here to provide you the 10 proven simple tips that take you to unbelievable heights in your business through maximizing conversions.

Top 5 Simple Tips and Strategies For The Sales Reps to Close Your Deals Faster:

Closing a deal is not only the most important part of a salesperson’s role. In fact, it is often the most intimidating part, especially if you don’t know how to close a sale. 

To help you out, here are my proven 10 tips and strategies that efficiently helps you on how to close a sales like a pro.

1. Act Immediately:

Leads are a fresh commodity and don’t make them wait until the next day.

Do you now? The level of interest for the prospect drastically drops down after one hour, so if you respond to them later then he or she may have already moved on to your competitor. Therefore, it is important to have an internal routine for the handling of incoming leads.

2. Listen and Pay Attention:  

The important aspect when you want to turn your leads into paying customers, then you must listen to them. I mean actually listen to what they needed from you.

Instead of just rambling along with your sales pitch, primarily pay attention to what the prospect wants to say or convey to you. 

So, stop focusing on your goals and listen to what your contact says, and see if you can hear their real pains and problems, ( and estimate whether your product or service can solve). 

Moreover, it’s your job to educate the contact to become aware of the problem to solve through your product or service.

3. Use Emotional Intelligence:

It is one of the important strategies that you can follow to close the deal. Here you must wait and push your clients at the right times and frequency. Did you know?  About 90 percent of the decisions that humans make are through their emotions.

So, it is important to understand the client’s emotions and analyze the trends in their behavior. So, once you do that, it helps you in finding suitable actions that will lead to a particular client to the close.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency:

It is one of the strategies to be followed to close a deal immediately. You can put a deadline to the deal to help give the client an incentive to commit. For instance, it can be a discount or something free, this makes them feel like they have the upper hand.

This does not mean in a way like rushing the customer to the sales point of view. Instead, it simply means that you are trying to give them a little extra reason why your product or service is the right choice, and the right time to choose now.

5. Identify the Right Decision Maker:

No matter what the industry that you are working in, knowing the right decision-maker is crucial to a quick close. Many times the information that you send to the decision-makers will send someone else into the fire to learn all of the information about your company. 

In this case, be sure to put yourself into the head of the decision-maker so that you can customize your sales pitch to that decisive person’s interests, even if they aren’t there.

Leverage all the above selling techniques and tips to improve your selling skills and be a part of a growing organization. 

What, Why and how to Increase the Sales Revenue?

Did you ever wonder why do sales reps play a vital role in every business? In simple words, they are the pillar for any business to increase their sales revenue.

Hence, Sales revenue is the income received by a company or organization from its sales of goods or the provision of services. 

So, why it is actually important to increase revenue:

To make you understand, here are the four primary reasons that state why revenue growth is critically important to your business. 

  1. Profitability
  2. Valuation
  3. Customers
  4. Employees

Hence, for these 4 factors, it is important to increase your business sales revenues.

But how can you actually make it happen (increase your Sales revenue):

If you want your business to bring in more money, believe it or not, there are only four ways which will help you to increase your revenue:

  1. Increase the number of customers.
  2. Increase the average transaction size.
  3. Increase the frequency of transactions per customer.
  4. Raise your prices.

Thus, these are some tips for increasing sales revenue for any business that wants to grow.

Closing thoughts:

For years it was thought that sales rep increase conversion rate and they are naturally gifted and were born to sell. So there you have it. These are the top-selling tips and techniques that are proven to help you in all areas of your sales strategy, including prospecting, communicating value, creating urgency, closing the sale, and expanding with existing customers. 

With these approaches in your sales weapons, you’ll be well equipped to handle even the toughest sales conversations.

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