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Close a Sale like a Pro seminarClose a Sale like a Pro seminar


Zuan is delighted to announce that we are growing each day by conducting and completing an enormous successful influencing Seminar. Adding to the list recently Zuan conducted a Seminar on the title, “Close a Sale like a Pro” to the Business Development Professionals.

The Remarkable Seminar took place on January 25th of Saturday, 2020, between  2:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the Zuan premises itself.

The seminar was attended by Eight avid Business Professionals who want to Level up their Sales skills and build a more effective sales team. 

Moreover, every participant actively took part in all the key topics of discussion to drive reliable Customers to their Business.

The Speaker of the Seminar Mr.Thenbavanam deliberated on how to increase sales effectiveness and significantly improve the marketing results. 

Some of the key points the speaker touched upon on the discussion to teach the crucial sales techniques to the Professionals that will bring profits into the organization includes,


  • Selling ethics and techniques that effectively manage their time 
  • Sales prospecting and closing techniques that help to close more sales
  • Elaborated about Sales revenue in detail
  • Phone pitching techniques and tips that help in closing more sales at a faster rate.
  • Different tips to optimize their existing customers and turn them into their Brand Evangelists


On the whole, the seminar proved to be much beneficial to various types of professionals who attended the discussion including Business to Business Sales Professionals, Business Development Professionals, Sales & Marketing Executives, Managers. To, 


  • Gain Advanced selling skills & strategies 
  • Know Effective sales & marketing cycle
  • Learn Advanced objection handling techniques
  • Identify Different ways of finding sales prospects
  • Grasp the Selling tactics that help to handle different customers
  • Influence their Existing customers to become premium clients
  • Gain different ways to close their sale as soon as possible


To the end, Our interactive Seminar “Close a Sale like a Pro” acted as a great platform for every professional who wants to level up their Sales skills and build a more effective sales team to excel in today’s Challenging Business environment

In the meanwhile, Zuan likes to thank every hand that cooperated in making this seminar a successful event in 2020. 

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