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Zuan's Successful Seminar on Google-AdsZuan's Successful Seminar on Google-Ads

Seminar on Grow Your Business With Google ads in 2020-Every Business Professionals must Know!

Zuan is glad to announce that we have started the year 2020 by conducting a successful Inspiring Seminar on the title, “Grow Your Business With Google ads in 2020!” to the Business Professionals.

The Remarkable Seminar was conducted on January 4th of Saturday, 2020, between  2:00 PM to 6:00 PM at the Zuan premises itself.

The seminar was attended by Eleven Growth-Oriented Business Professionals.  All they actively participated in all the key topics of discussion at the Seminar to drive reliable customers to their Business.

The Speaker of the Seminar Mr. Gilbert deliberated on how Business professionals and other startups Owners should focus on Google-Ads to grow their business even bigger than before. This, in turn, benefited the Business people to start increasing their Revenue!


Successful completion of Google ads seminar!

                                                                                                 Google Ads Seminar

The Google-Ads seminar conducted at Zuan was completely Practical and delivered a great idea to the Professionals to improve their business. Some of the key points the speaker touched upon and discussed were,

  1. Voice of value marketing
  2. Buyer’s journey in buying a Product 
  3. How to do Keyword usage & optimization to Make users find You
  4. How to target the right audience
  5. How to write an effective ad copy to increase Revenue
  6. Quality Score Importance

On the whole, the seminar was proved to be useful for every business professional, startup owners, digital marketers, Entrepreneurs, Marketing managers and to all those who want to promote their business on Google. 

Hence, the Google-Ads seminar acted as a great platform for every Business people to take away the Advanced advertising to target their right audience, online branding the business, how to generate leads, how to understand and use specific data to improve the existing Ads. 

We would also like to thank every hand that cooperated in making the seminar a successful event.

Meanwhile, have a look at our upcoming Robust seminars that are on the way to equip you to do successful business in 2020.



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