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Top 5 tips to write Enticing Google Ads copy- That actually works!

We all know writing Google Ads (typically known as AdWords) which is extremely frustrating when it comes to fit all your ad copy into such a tiny space. Even though we write it because today Digital marketing and PPC move incredibly quicker.

But did you ever wondered? Why is it important to write an effective clickable text ad?

It’s a well-known fact: First impression is the best impression and it matters a lot.

Hence, in business writing compelling google adwords help you drive more clicks and ultimately results in more conversion rates.

But remember, it doesn’t matter how many number of AdWords’ bells and whistles you’re currently using for your product or service – if your ad copy sucks, you’re not going to get in return what you’ve hoped for. 

Fortunately, by this blog posts, you’ll be learning the top 5 tips and tricks to write killer ad copy that speaks to your audience and convince them to paying customers.

#Tip 1: Get into the mind of your visitors

Before you start writing google ads for your business, ensure to write  ads that satisfy the targeting audience expectations. Ask yourself:

  • Currently, what problems are they experiencing?
  • How does your product or service is going to solve their problems?
  • What questions might they have about your product and how to make people click?

This will help you to create effective and great ad copy that resonates with your audience.

#Tip 2: Include relevant Keywords

If a person is searching for a specific product or service in a search engine. In this juncture, he/she needs to find you as his/her solution. For this, having specific keywords in the headline, URL or in the description will make your ads stand out and be more relevant to the searcher’s intent.

In other words, this will be advantageous to increase the quality score of your ad in the long run.

#Tip 3: Use Ad Extensions:

Increase your click through rate (CTR) by including extra information about your business – by adding an ad extension.

Here is the full list from google ads including Sitelink extensions, Call out extensions, Structured snippet extension, Call extensions, Location extensions, Message extension, affiliate location extension, price extension, app extension and promotion extension.

Thus, these extensions will give your ad greater visibility and prominence to the potential customers on the search results page. That means you tend to get more value and clicks  from your ad.

#Tip 4: Use Emotional triggers in your ad copy

As research proves, the most effective advertising google ads campaigns are based on emotional drivers. Did you know? Nothing Nothing spurs people into action like a powerful emotional response—especially online. Negative emotions, such as anger, disgust, and fear can provoke an incredibly powerful response in the reader

Hence by leveraging emotional triggers in your ad copy, such as anger, disgust and fear can build a trustworthy relationship with your potential clients even before they engage with your brand

#Tip 5: Use the characters in the Display URL

Including the Display URLs, the domain has to match the domain of your landing page, but based  on the length of your domain, you may have characters left. Make the most of your money and use as many as possible.

Hence, the display URL helps viewers to anticipate the content of your landing page they are taken to. This is why Google explains why  your display URL should be similar to your destination URL, but both urls do not have to be identical.

Final thoughts:

Writing an ad copy for Google Ads is a combination of art and science for every Marketer. Above, I’ve just outlined some technical best practices for you to follow.

But do you want Real time practice to learn how to Drive Reliable, Consistent High-Quality Traffic To Your Site and convert them to paying customers on every Single Day With Google Ads!

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