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become a professional Youtuber in 2020become a professional Youtuber in 2020

Grand Success Story of Zuan’s other Biggest Seminar- Become a Professional Youtuber in 2020

Zuan is glad to announce that we’ve reached another milestone in 2020 by conducting the biggest Seminar on the title, “Become a Professional Youtuber in 2020!” to every avid Youtube enthusiast and Youtube Channel professionals.

This was the astounding 2 days Seminar that took place on the 31st of Jan 2020 and 1st of Feb 2020, Friday and Saturday between 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM. The seminar was conducted at the Zuan premises itself.

The seminar was attended by twenty-nine enthusiasts who vibrantly participated in all the key discussions of the seminar.

The speaker of the seminar Mr. Gilbert engaged the aspirants on how to become a Professional Youtuber in 2020 by giving special importance to value marketing. 

Some of the key points the speaker also touched upon and discussed were,


  • YouTube Channel Creation and Optimization (CCO)
  • Video Promo Strategies 
  • Video Monetization Pro
  • How to choose the Right Type Of YouTube Content that brings you better ROI


On the whole, the seminar proved to be much beneficial to various attendees including Visual Communication students, Homemakers, Jobless, Acting Career Seekers, Self Employed professionals, Social Media Enthusiast, Graphic designers, Freelancers, Small business owners, Vloggers, Startups, Social Activists, Entrepreneurs and so on. To,


    1. Gain practical knowledge on Creating and Managing their own YouTube channel
    2. Learn how to Shoot YouTube videos more professionally
    3. Get the best tips and Tricks from our speaker to record the best voice over without any hiring studio
    4. Learn the professional tips on how to edit their own recorded video 
    5. Learn the secret tools of earning online


To the end, Our engaging Seminar “Become a Professional Youtuber in 2020” acted as a great platform for every aspirant who wants to make their career in Youtube and become a professional YouTuber in 2020 to earn more from it. 

In the meanwhile, we would also like to thank every hand that cooperated in making the seminar a successful great event. 

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