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How to Reach UP 100K Views Organically within 3 Months | YouTube SEO

Google is the most popular search engine among all others worldwide. When I say SEO, you can easily relate it to Google search results. The term SEO is more connected with search results.

The second largest search engine is Youtube, and SEO plays a great role in engaging the audience in your YouTube channel.

To get more traffic in your Youtube channel, focus on SEO. You may be using it as a part of social media marketing or marketing strategies.

But optimizing SEO on Youtube will drive more traffic and will take your business to the next level and improve ROI.

If you are following all the strategies, but still struggling with your new YouTube channel and wish to gain more views.

Read this article, these steps will gain 100k views organically within 3 months and attract more traffic.


1. Optimize your title and description

YouTube has 1.3 million active users and people view about 5 million videos each day. If your business marketing strategies don’t include social media, then make sure to do today.

For every business that needs to drive more traffic for their website can market their products on YouTube.

You can make your brand presence to reach wide customers, optimize SEO on your YouTube channel.

You can optimize Youtube content like you do optimization for Google. Start from the on-page content.


  • On-page video optimization 

On-page video optimization can help your video to get rank in search results. You may ask, what is the purpose of this on-page video optimization?

It helps Youtube to understand your video content clearly and take it to the target audience. Then it helps other keywords to find your content which is closely related to your ideas.

The advantage of on-page optimization is to get your video on the top results of organic Google search results.

Your video will appear in the keywords related to the content, For example: How to? Informational keywords are shown often in YouTube search results.


  • Add video keywords


The video’s title is important to establish your topic and themes. Your video description and meta tags also have the power to rank your video in top results by using keywords.

To get optimal visibility, try to focus the important video keywords within the 100 characters in video titles.

YouTube limits your title after 66 characters. So it is an ideal option to cover main themes and keywords ideas in your titles.

If you see the top-ranked YouTube videos, they will have the main keyword in the title beginning itself. This will take the subject predominantly in the YouTube search algorithm.

The video description also has a vital role in ranking you in organic search. Try to optimize the primary keyword at the beginning followed by other keywords in your description part.

Avoid using too many keywords in the description, your audience should understand the content by just reading the description.

YouTube removed using tags, but content creators use the tags to create visibility and for sort listing purposes. This will improve your search visibility and rank your video in search results.

To make YouTube’s algorithm understand your content, use 5-10 tags mentioning the related keywords of your video, and reach people.

To generate more traffic and lead sales, on-page optimization can help you rank especially when your niche has not a competitive keyword.

Here are a few more advanced tips, to rank your video top by using keywords and SEO. Keep reading!


2. Add closed captions


YouTube’s closed caption is very helpful for physically disabled people like (who can read the caption and know the meaning) about your content.

Your video’s subject will be understood by many people because of this audio conversion into spoken language.

These Closed captions can also help you in improving SEO and work on ranking factors.

This is an advantage for your video to appear in search results with target keywords.

You can add closed captions from Video Manager and choose subtitles/cc in the menu. Which is simple but very effective in ranking your video.


3. Create popularity for your video


YouTube aims to rank higher than Google, links, and social activity is solely responsible for these ranking factors.

You can create popularity for your content by inviting more people through social shares and links. You can add campaigns to optimize your videos with links.

This will make your video popular in the related searches and will gain your more views instantly. You can also get enlisted in similar video search results.

YouTube video views were considered to be the most important factor for ranking in past times.

But now it’s not the case with top ranking and to achieve this number you have concentrated more on SEO.

Pro tip: You can get 100k views instantly by promoting your videos outside Youtube on various social media platforms.

To drive more traffic, you should build a social presence across various platforms.

For example, share your content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (make sure to link back your YouTube videos in blog posts for videos rank).

To make people understand that your content has valuable information, you must earn any number of views.

Then only people will acknowledge your content, which creates higher chances of driving more traffic to your channel page.


4. Publish New content regularly


YouTube search engine algorithm gives specific attention to new content. This is because Youtube gets about 300 hours of new videos on average on a daily basis.

To give organic visibility and drive traffic, this will help new users to gain an audience among top YouTubers in the market.

YouTube’s sidebar will have recommendations for new videos to help creators in engaging with the audience.

Which is a profit for businesses looking to promote their products and drive sales with new content.

For example, You can add a playlist like “Top niche of 2020” (years and dates to mention freshness)

To make your audience subscribe and gain loyal followers to your channel. You can upload videos by splitting into parts creating curiosity and saving time for the people.

So people will subscribe to know everything in detail. You will also have daily content for specific topics.

YouTube is just like Google, gives importance to new or fresh topics daily.

Your new video content will attract more viewers, if you do this continuously and notice your progress in monthly searches.


5. Create Extraordinary video content


If you are on a budget or small business, don’t worry like you have to invest more money in doing all this.

You can attract more audiences with quality and simple content. People just need proper knowledge they search for, no need to spend extra in creating videos.

Be transparent and honest with your content, if you are a manufacturer then include content related to your manufacturing process.

Your customer will trust your brand and you can create brand awareness easily.


Bottom Line

I hope this guide can help you get more views within a short period of time. All you need to do is follow patiently and trust the process.

YouTube video SEO and youtube keywords are most essential to get more views in search volume.

If you have created a video and need to generate more traffic to strengthen the brand name, talk to our experts. 

We have helped many MNCs and Industries in building brands with Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

To boost up your sales, get Digital Marketing services & marketing strategies with AdWords for your company and see you growing, call us today.


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