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How Effective is Facebook AdvertisingHow Effective is Facebook Advertising

How Effective is Facebook Advertising & How to Use It Efficiently

Nowadays, social media is an essential part of business growth. If your business does not have a social media presence, it may lose out on consumers. Since Facebook founding over a decade ago, it has evolved from an online novelty which concerns the day-to-day lives of nearly everyone in the country.

The social network created almost $27 billion in advertising incomes in 2016, up from only $764 million in 2009 – the improvement of above 3,400% in the space of less than a decade. Although, there are a lot of businesses utilizing Facebook for advertising. However, groups of businesses utilizing Facebook to advertise is not the same as all – or even most – of those businesses seeing a positive ROI.

Apart from the popularity, how effective is Facebook advertising really? All the business will see their latest return vary based on investment, industry, advertising quality, and additional variables. Although, the only rewinding way to know the specific ROI that measures based on the outcomes.

Still, If you are on the difficulty of getting begun with Facebook marketing and need some more information to support make an informed decision, we have gathered some essential things about the effectiveness of Facebook advertising.

In this article, we will drive you through everything you want to know about Facebook ads, and how to use Facebook advertising effectively.

How Effective is Facebook Advertising?

If you need to be sure you will gain a good ROI from Facebook ads, the initial place to turn for insight is easily moving to be hard numbers. We have collected some statistics here to express Facebook’s effectiveness as an advertising channel.

  • 76 percent of users look for interesting content on Facebook and content consumption on Facebook has grown 57 percent since 2014.
  • Consumers who like an organization & business on Facebook are 79 percent more likely to make a new shopping than non-fans.
  • When it comes to building brand awareness, the average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for Facebook ads is nearby $7.29 versus upwards of $35 for television commercials.
  • 66 percent of social media users log on to understand the new services and products.
  • According to the survey in 2015, 52 percent of customers were influenced by Facebook when making both online and offline shopping and increasing.
  • Facebook’s hyper-targeted Consumer Audiences feature allows you to advertise so particularly that advertisers have seen their new consumers’ acquisition costs decrease by as much as 73 percent.
  • Facebook is also helpful in the B2B sphere – 73 percent of people say they use Facebook for professional goals.
  • 22 percent of the world’s population is made up of active Facebook users, including 68 percent of adults in the US.

All these stats explains that Facebook has an excellent deal of potential when it comes to presenting a significant ROI.

How to Use Facebook Advertising Effectively?

Whether you are interested in the buzz surrounding Facebook marketing or are looking to fine-tune your existing social media advertising campaigns, this platform is poised to be a significant milestone for the world’s largest social network. Now, most of the organizations & businesses get themselves into difficulty by disparaging the system &  platform and then overspending to generate results. Let’s discuss what makes a great Facebook advertisement regardless of the format and template the ad is utilizing.

Pick the Right Target Audience

When it comes to trading online, it’s tempting to write like you are on stage at a conference. Your Facebook ads are only as powerful as how well you can determine your audience. Although, you probably think that you understand your target audience pretty well, right? Their needs, desires, pain points and etc.

However, securing the power of Facebook’s ad platform comes down to your audience’s demographics. For instance, according to one of Facebook’s own customer case studies, ad targeting resulted in three times higher ROI alongside a separate CTR and importantly lower cost-per-action.

Target Audiences Clearly and Precisely

Facebook lets you target customers with remarkable accuracy, by building custom audiences determined by metrics like gender, income occupation,  age, location, interests, and etc. Moreover, eCommerce businesses can certainly target based on actual purchasing behaviors, tapping into customers that are likely consumers of skin care products depends on their real past purchasing behavior. Besides, you can build an audience or custom audience that will give your ads right to the people you want to see them.

Track Properly

By adding this snippet of code on your website, it enables you to definitely target users to your website depends on their engagement with your brand or product. For instance, if you need to target someone who has been on your gallery, pricing page, or even filled out a chat form on your website with Facebook ads. Besides, be careful while this looks simple enough.

Use Simple Language that’s Easy to Know

Your number one priority needs to be writing a Facebook ad that’s clear to read – for anyone, even a 5th grader. Once they see your ad, they should quickly know. That explains what it appears, the benefits, and what to do next. As more people end up on Facebook and more of your rivals start striving to target them.

Make Sure Your Facebook Ad Copy Goes with Your Visual

When it comes to run a Facebook ad, there’s a scramble to ensure an image gets attached. Although, this can result in an image that does not go together with the copy, which gives a crushing experience for a Facebook user. While the ad copy and the image don’t line up, they will admire what the ad is really advertising. However, they will be unlikely to click, and your ad will be exhausted.

Build Ads About Your Objectives

Facebook’s marketing platform allows you to build ads based on any of twelve particular goals, each of which is described by stages in a fundamental marketing funnel – Consideration, Awareness, and Conversion. Understanding which is your preference will not only enable you to create your ads to the best potential effect though certainly measure your Return On Investment as well.

Be Creative

The users from Facebook are assaulted by ads 24/7. It’s essential to identify that people are not there to be traded. If you want to stand out from the other, you will need to perform comprehensive content that genuinely attracts to your customers. That involves amazing,  striking visuals, succinct copy, and engaging video content, etc.

Be Monitoring Always

In the Facebook advertising, it’s low minimum budget of $5. Although, it is important that you regularly watch and review your progress. Besides, your campaign requires to optimize itself, which means that your decisions will normally cost more in origin. But understanding how to handle the campaign to deliver down your CPM is the difference between spending thousands of dollars or having a strong Facebook Ads campaign with astronomical ROI.


Hence, Facebook advertising is going to essential for every business. It also becomes less an issue of “if” or “when” for your organization or business, and more one of “how well.” And another great thing is to get commenced quickly than later and be ready to treat Facebook marketing as the powerful marketing platform. I hope, this article helped you to understand the insights and how to use Facebook advertising efficiently.

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