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How to Use Snapchat in Your Content Marketing StrategyHow to Use Snapchat in Your Content Marketing Strategy

How to Use Snapchat in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Everyone knows that social media platforms are continually growing for both personal and business usage and as well loads of marketers accept that Snapchat acts as the best tool. Notably, some companies using this are getting great results from their campaigns. Since it is very different from other social media channels and as well have loads of exposure.

“Social media marketing, the best way to drive user engagement and sharing.”

You are here because you’d have probably heard about Snapchat. It is the most popular mobile app that helps in sending and receiving audios and videos, the most interesting thing here is the data will destruct after few seconds the person viewed it. Yes, it’s a fun messaging app. Even though kids use it for fun, it gives loads of energy to marketing.

However, it may be intimidating as most of the marketers are not aware of,

  • How to use this platform
  • The best ways to connect with audience
  • The different types of content that make the users engaged

Let’s see how to utilize this source to reach beyond your dream destination.

“A self-destructing photo app which forces the consumers to give interest.”

If you are a marketer who is looking forward to reaching a sky-scraping height, then Snapchat will be the best option. Yes, it helps to build millions of audience and integrate brands into the app. By this time, you would be thinking about how to create brainstorming ideas to market your business in a better way. If yes, go through this article to know the best ways to use the Snapchat in content marketing strategy.

Why should businesses use Snapchat marketing?


Now let’s see, how they stood best competing for other social media channels when they first established their brand. Here are some of their stats that will showcase you about how dominant they are,

  • Snapchat have 100 million active users daily
  • More than 2 billion views on a single day
  • Users can send 9000 snaps in a second
  • In 2016, the projected revenue is $250 million
  • Year by year, video views of Snapchat increase by 400%
  • Snapchat Ads are viewed million times per day
  • Video views are greater than Facebook
  • 60% of smartphone users now use this
  • Most users than Twitter and as well 11% of Americans use this

By this, you could have known about how great the Snapchat is. Now interrogate yourself about how can you use this to activate the better ROI for your brand.

“It’s sharing the lives in the moment and stays in the moment – Kelsey L.Jones”

Healthy benefits of marketing

Apart from the stats that speak about the growth and engagement on the channel, you need to know the exact benefits that you can get from Snapchat.

  • Relatively less competition
  • Different than other platforms
  • Authentic
  • Reach fresh and wider audience
  • Absolutely free

Features Available on Snapchat

Let’s have a fast-paced look at the important ways that you can use in marketing your brand.

Images and videos

This app avails you the option of sharing your images with your followers which are captured from your camera or the one which you have already saved it in your mobile phone. These snaps are actually in the best portrait format. In fact, videos can also be shared in this which can be under 10 seconds, the interesting thing behind this is they can edit it like images.


Snaps, this is nothing but sending pictures or videos privately to a particular user. They will disappear or expire after viewers see it for a given period. They are often available on the left-hand side of the screen.


Snapchat story, the best mode to share snaps in a sequential way. Yes, this provides a brand new way to share something with someone.

It’s nothing but sharing a photo or video on your account’s story section which will be visible only for 24 hours. In that particular period, users can view the story repeatedly. You can even think about how this is different from other social media apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, etc., as they also help in sharing the photos and videos.

But the thing that makes Snapchat look different is, they help one to tell about their complete day in a sequential manner with the help of stories. Celebs, brands and frequent users can even share their story by their Snapchat name or snap code so that millions of users can see their post.

Hence, this acts as the best choice for most of the brands so as to create a complete compilation of snaps to make your followers view. The main thing is snaps will appear in chronological order and expire after 24 hours. Take advantage of it to engage your fans and create a storyline.


Snapchat discovers, the best channel to make one feel entertained. Yes, this helps one to find the engaging and exciting contents from any top publishers who curate the content daily. If this is the status, why can’t you publish interesting stories about your brand daily and reach much more audience using this section?

It will allow you to upload customized content which will help you to get prime importance. Along with this, it shares the revenue of the ad which is placed on your page with you.


Sponsored lenses, it acts as the most playful way but makes a great impact on everything. It is entirely a brand new activation and it not just brings the impression rather make your followers feel entertained and interactive with what you have created. To activate this, chatters just need to press and hold on their faces.

The complete set up may make you feel heavy but once done right, and then you will be extremely satisfied. For instance, once Taco Bell used lenses that create the face into Taco, to do this they take approximately six weeks, but at the end, they got 224 million in a single day.


Snapchat filters give the opportunity to add the filters just by swiping the screen. Now, most of the brands have already started creating customized on-demand geo-filters. Snapchat will determine the prices based on the filters you select. If you want to hit the whole city during the holidays, it may even charge you $500,000.

Best ways to improvise Snapchat marketing

This may make you feel crazy, but below is the simple tips that you can utilize to improve your Snapchat marketing.

Endow with Specialized Content – Most of the brand make use of this for its authenticity, but this is the right time take advantage of it to strengthen your community tie-ups by showcasing your different side of your brand. That is, here you can present your content in a different aspect fro other social platforms.

Avail Promotion codes and discounts to surprise your fans – Actually, giveaways and contests are the best tools to build up customer loyalty and love towards your brand. By making use of Snapchat scavenger hunt, you can offer insider access, discounts and promo codes for your users. To focus highly on the angle of sales, post 10 second snap with some unique referral codes with your followers.

Linking Fans in your story – Remember, social media communication must be a two-way conversation. That is, engage them by asking their active participation. Just ask them a selfie that features best about your product.

Endorse branding elements in snaps – Collaborate with the community by augmenting your brand by highlighting its voice or tone. While posting stories, make sure that your snap reflects your logo or signature color. Since the story will present only for 24 hours, you should create a brand-centric Snapchat tale to set your sustainable target.

Collaborate with influencers – Using Snapchat takeovers, team up with both advocates and influencers. With the help of this tactic, you just allow your influencers to create a story that augments your brand’s name.

“Remember, if you’re not different from your competitors, then it means you are in trouble.”

As well, there are some of the best practices that you ought to follow to boost engagement, sales, and followers,

  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Test you content in private messages and see how it perform
  • Make your content fit into the platform
  • Take advantage of both videos and images
  • Tell a story

How to connect with the audience?

We have already discussed the features available here, and it doesn’t mean that audience will follow on their own without doing anything. You should work on the field in finding your followers and make them follow you.

The main thing that lacks here is the viral nature of other platforms. So, the best way to do will be promoting the platform off the channel as much as possible. For this, you can share your username as far-flung as possible on other social media sites, on your website, and email to the list of email id’s you have. You can even offer to win the prize if they follow you. Apart from everything, the best way to connect with lots of new users is by using QR code.

Tracking Results

Snapchat is usually user-friendly and not marketer-friendly, so finding the analytics may make you feel awful. Yes, it does not provide insights like Facebook, Analytics like Pinterest, or third party analytics like Instagram, but even you can find it. You won’t be having any readily available graphs or charts, but still, you can get it from the following metrics,

  • Viewer of a snap
  • Responder to a snap of a story
  • Engaged user with you through chats
  • Number of opened stories
  • Story completion rate and open rate

With the help of these simple metrics, you will be able to find snap opening rate quickly,

Snap opening rate = Total snap sent/No. of snap opened

As well, you can also find a number of views and a number of screenshots taken for an individual story.

Since it is different from other platforms, we need to work closely with it to impose the right tactic to the right platform and audience. If you can find the perfect strategies to connect with the public and make them engaged, then it is for sure that you have attained golden in Snapchat.

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