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Now Twitter’s New Design Looks More like Facebook

On Tuesday, the 8th of April Twitter has introduced a new photo-centric redesign to its profile page displaying the cover photo and profile picture that is very similar to the largest social media network, Facebook!

Twitter has told that the changes have been rolling out a new look, and it is available only to a few groups of users initially. The actual update will be sooner made available to the world in the coming weeks. The cover photo will now appear to the full width at the top of the screen with the main profile picture at the left end of the page.

With this new design you can see the following changes:

  • Your tweets that receives more engagement will appear little bigger than the rest in order to make you find your best post in an easy way!
  • Your tweets can be now pinned to the top of the page and the followers who visit your profile will see “what’s your profile all about”
  • Users are now able to choose their timeline options as how it looks for others. Like you can customize it with original tweets, tweets with photos and videos, or tweets with replies and much more.

The new Twitter will help you find the kinds of tweets that are more important to you. So with a single click twitter can be limited to the people you follow or according to your geographic location.

So are you ready to use the redesigned profile of Twitter? Share your opinion on the Twitter’s New Look and New Design!

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