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7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Startups Should Avoid!


Social Media is an integral module of all thriving digital marketing approach. To attain a victory in your campaign you should evade the following mistakes:

#1: Having no social media marketing strategy

Running a business without any policy will not help you to convey your messages to the followers or any scenario. To profit a high ROI with social media marketing, you should certainly possess a genuine scheme.

#2: Using too many social networks

Marketers commonly target on three social networks: Linkedln (91%), Twitter (85%) and Facebook (81%). If your basic population is women and your site consists of mostly of images and graphics, then you could go in for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Rather, if you provide professional advice, services or products, Twitter and Linkedln will give you the best results.

#3: Purchasing fake followers

Beware of fake followers in order to avoid wasting your time, money and effort on social media stage. In recent times, many accounts on Instagram had been curtailed due to purchasing fake followers.

#4: Failing to use (or optimize) hashtags

Creating your own hashtags is more effective. If your hashtag gets stolen then you’ll face a problem. It is very important that you create a hashtag that has a unique message, embedded quotes with interesting, engaging and free of haziness.

Using stylish hashtag for your Brand would certainly take you to reach the peak and inject your brand into popular conversations. Some ways you could find out or create your hashtags effectively are:

  • You could pick up a related hashtag for your business from tools.
  • When your hashtag is overused, and you want to change to another hashtag then you can use to help you in this aspect. So that your content is safe in the tweets and posts.

#5: Not using visuals to drive engagement

The audience are more attracted with the picture than the words. Using a precise pictures or visuals in your social media would give you full advantage of communicating your message on the whole.

#6: Overselling

By promoting your brand too hard you are again making a big blunder. You should share some value-added content to please the customers regardless whether they buy your product or not. Other than screening your own products, posts and company’s information you could show some care about customers’ well-being too.

 #7: Not measuring results

It is much worth to keep on analyzing your social media activities for your business. By measuring your results you could determine your weak points and strong points, which would certainly help you in achieving your goals on social media stage.

By staying away from these mere mistakes you could certainly attain your goals in the social media marketing by gaining thousands of shares and likes, you could also promote your products without any setbacks.

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