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Recast Ecommerce Site Into Mcommerce To Get More CPM

The rapid growth of mobile device usages like smartphones and tablets is significantly boosting the m-commerce (mobile-commerce) market. Furthermore, the constant developments in technologies made the process seamless on mobile which changed the buyer’s behavior that results in m-commerce market growth and high CPM. According to Statista, the global m-commerce revenues were $639 billion in […]

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YouTube, Gmail services restored globally after an outage of over an hour!

On 14, December 2020 evening, almost all Google services including YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, Google Play Store, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Groups, Google Hangouts, Google Keep, and Google Tasks became unavailable for users worldwide. Google instantly acknowledged this outage and then some of these services are back online […]

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