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What are the tricks to ace JavaScript SEO – Expert Guide

In recent times, the use of technology and web development is booming more than ever. Digital marketing is playing its role predominantly with the ease of technology in the market.


Another key concept that is inseparable from this topic is JavaScript and SEO. In this article, you will learn the insights of basic Javascript and SEO concepts to improve your website and blogs.


Moreover, understand that Javascript and SEO were little complexes to understand because of its nature. So pay attention to every little information about this programming language.


However, both these topics will be dealt with separately by professionals with strategies.


But most important if you want to be an expert professional to meet the requirements of your industry then it’s a must to expertise in both fields.


The key concepts of JavaScript and SEO


The JavaScript programming language is obviously the most popular and widely used by the top websites that we use today.


Here the question arises, how these two disciplines unite?


For your clarification, the search engines were finding it difficult to position your blog or website by processing the Javascript code.


In terms of this problem, you can fix a website by using a trick when Google starts indexing and crawling specifically.


JavaScript works based on these three steps:


  • Tracking
  • Processing
  • Indexing


When you identify a URL containing this language, verify whether the user allowed for identification.


For this, the robots.txt file is read and authorized. Then Google begins to process and by analyzing the HTML, finally, it gets indexed.

The reason behind all these is that Javascript is executed for browsers and not the servers. The task of search engines is to find the browser position and then read the content.


Why is JavaScript popular?


JavaScript is the most used programming language for web pages. If any difficulties are faced by the web, JavaScript is used to stimulate the webpages.


JavaScript gives web experience as follows,


  • Service workers help allow websites to function offline or without a network.
  • PWA is nothing unless Javascript is there.
  • JavaScript is solely for creating dynamic content.


Why is JavaScript important for SEO?


Here is why JavaScript experts need to learn SEO, JavaScript can decide about the contents in general, it can either show or not, and which content to hide.

JavaScript can master the looks of each content and make final decisions on how it should look. The other most important thing to consider in web development is HTML and CSS.


Then comes Javascript, which has the full control of web pages and decides how it will look and how it can perform.


Is JavaScript good or bad?


The answer depends on the developer actually using it actually. If a person has a bad network, then a website that can perform well offline will be an ideal choice.


Why is SEO important for Javascript?


We have experts in each field but the truth is one may not know the pros and cons of others.


Whereas a developer has to know the key concepts of SEO. An SEO expert himself will not be aware of certain things that developers have knowledge.


However, we need both professional experts to deal with the field skillset. So it is an advantage if both the professionals know the key concept in Javascript and SEO together.


The SEO problems with JavaScript


JavaScript helps to show the dynamic websites, graphics, and interfaces to the users. It is negative to SEO and makes the potential of the site.


The list of common mistakes you make are as follows,


1. Neglect HTML


The crawler will have only less information if the important things were in the Javascript code on the website. Especially while processing the indexing for the very first time.


For easily getting indexed in Google and other search engines create the fundamental data using HTML.


2. Misused links


The SEO professional experts will know the role of internal links for positioning.


As the search engines and crawlers will be able to recognize the relation of every page by increasing the user’s residence time.


For JavaScript and SEO, it is very essential to link correctly. It is a must that anchor texts and HTML anchor tags should include the landing page URL in the href.


3. Indexing your JavaScript


You could face this most commonly out of all this, as Google is not able to render JavaScript. That’s why major websites will make mistakes by including “do not index” tags in HTML.


Google will read the HTML and scan websites to find those tags. This will stop Google robots from returning and run the JavaScript (inside the code by preventing it).

JavaScript is still attractive and helps in web development for brands, companies, e-commerces, and etc.


So it is important to enhance your SEO to avoid Googlebot and crawlers to go straight, as it will be favorable for positioning the web pages.


JavaScript pages in Google


You can optimize your website with Javascript and Google robot will track, process, and index on the desired position SERPs.

Here are tips to achieve your desired position,



  • Optimize the URL structure



Googlebot will crawl the URL first on your website, you can use the History API method if your web pages have Javascript code.


History API functions to update the URL (in the address bar) and pages with JavaScript very clean.


The clean URL helps to easily understand the topic better for nonexperts. Therefore, every time the URL gets updated when the user clicks in.



  • Favor site latency



DOM (provides a set of objects to use and combine HTML, XHTML, and XML) in a Website. This creates a large file within HTML (it causes delay to load for Googlebot).


Add Javascript to HTML, this will not synchronize the not so important elements and reduces the webpage loading time.



  • Test the site often



In the beginning, you may not find JavaScript and SEO as a problem for the crawling and indexing process.


Some Google crawlers may find it difficult to track and understand JavaScript. So there are many alternate tools to find the errors and fix the page loading speed.


The problem is that it may affect your web page positioning as Google will not show up results for your content.


The advantages of JavaScript and SEO


For a dynamic website with Javascript, make sure to implement all these tricks that I have mentioned in this article.


Googlebot will not face any inconvenience if your Javascript elements are configured well.


Bottom Line


To create a more engaging website, Javascript is used by many popular brands to give a great end-user experience.


I hope this article helps you to know how Google Bots or other crawlers interact and read Javascript. Also, it is essential to understand the key concepts of JavaScript SEO by developers.


We have a team of expert developers to provide technical assistance for each and every need of your company.


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