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10 Quick & Actionable UX Tips for Website and Mobile App!

In this digital era, organizations mainly focus on user experience in the web design community.


Now everyone knows the importance and value of UX design to retain their users back to a site.


Many companies have already started to invest in resources to improve UX.


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How should we improve UX for better user experience?


UX is the experience your customer gets when using the product. It majorly focuses on the pain points of the users.


It is the impression you give your customers before they even touch your merchandise.


You should include all the essential elements in your design and it will help you to improve user experience for customers.


UX is proven that it increases user interaction, usability and accessibility of the product.


For better user experience, the product should be easy-to-use and not complex for the users.


But your focus should be to improve UX Design. Do not worry! Here comes Zuan Technologies providing UX/UI services from end to end!


1. Story Telling


Storytelling is an interactive method that creates a fascinating experience for users by improving UX.


 It presents the most confusing content to the users in an effective and simple way. It also improves user experience and conversions.


For example, Every Last Drop creates awareness of daily consumption through storytelling. It will attract the attention of users to every critical task.


2. Help users to identify the essential tasks

 e-commerce website traffic tips


Users will spend only less time using a mobile app or a web app rather than the desktop or laptop screen.


If the user finds it difficult to get the desired information in those few minutes, they will simply leave your page and move to other apps.


So, it is essential to improve UX with the help of UX design and help users to get information hassle free.


For example: Advertisements and information on hotels, destinations, etc.


The left side of the website will have trip planners, and the right side will cover top interests, popular destinations, hotels, etc.


Therefore, it simplifies for its user and gives them a better user experience.


When we assess mobile apps, the users will be less interested in advertisements and special offers.


Users will only prefer to check hotels, flights and other details about the destination. 


3. Page loading time


The page loading speed of your website must be very fast. Report says, 40% of people will abandon your app if it takes more than 3 sec for loading.


A Major UI/UX tip is that people will engage with a product only when they can move free. To improve UX, focus more on its content.


4. Users hate the back button


Users may hesitate to press the back button. If you have external links on your product, allow them to open in a separate tab for better user experience.


You can also apply this concept when you have information on more than one page.


For example, suppose when you provide in-depth information about a particular product in a page.


In such cases, you can include internal links for other products or an easy way to have a complete list of products to improve UX.


Make it user friendly to improve user experience for customers.


5. Create a delicate balance in your layout

 e-commerce website traffic tips

Users are interested in parallax scrolling effects and front-end visuals as it is soothing for the eyes.


UX designers should give information to the users with a balance between the elements which provide an attractive picture of the objects in the web design to improve UX.


You can achieve it with the asymmetrical design. Also, symmetry will help to make the design look more organized to users and improve user experience.


For example, on the websites the content will be placed horizontally in a symmetrical manner, which makes design easy to understand and improve user experience.


6. Separate CTAs (Call to Action)


If you want your customers to do one thing which is nothing less, you can opt for a single CTA to improve UX.


For example, landing page, squeeze pages, lead capture page.


The pages with a single CTA will perform better as they are more focused and improve user experience for conversions.


A service page which needs an option to send enquiry to a team will definitely require a single CTA.


However, there are website pages that have multiple CTAs too, like home page, store page; contact pages which will need more than single CTAs.



7. Break the elements of the page into separate parts


Users will understand the information on a web page easily if it is in logical blocks and different blocks of text with a color background.


Every element will have distinct areas on a website where the user will be clicking.  


Report suggests clickable elements on a website to have an assign (+) mark on it.


When you click on that mark, you will see the percentage of users clicking on the particular elements.


For example, if an element gets a large number of clicks, make sure to add the element hyperlink to a significant page including landing page to improve UX.


8. How people are navigating and clicking on your website


Your website navigation must allow users to reach any page of your website within just three clicks.


Keep in mind to allow users to explore things on your site.


For better user experience, create curiosity by giving them great offers and invite them to click on all the links provided.


To improve UX in your design, you can follow these tips.


  • The primary focus of your site is to locate friends in your city. 
  •  The look of the download button should be distinctive.
  •  The site must have a simple search option at the top.
  •  The designer should highlight the links in the header navigation.
  •   Then footers should contain the site’s main page and other accessible resources called fat footers to improve UX. 
  • Then allow more links and give a better user experience.


9. Optimize the most important pages


Concentrate more on the essential pages of your website such as home page, landing page, about us page, and contact page.


Most valuable pages will vary from business to business.


For example, if you are in e-commerce, then you can start from the landing page to improve UX.


Begin with one page, then run some user behavior reports, and move on to A/B testing.


After you finished optimizing the most crucial page, move on to other pages on the list.


10. Improve customer service


The first thing customers will remember is their direct interactions with your company then only they will look more into products.


To improve your site UX, you want to have excellent customer service, to answer for all the needs and desires of your customer.


It will help to improve user experience and conversions.





  • What is the UX design process?



User experience (UX) design is the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users. 


This involves the design of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including aspects of branding, design, usability and function.



  • What is UX Optimization?



User experience optimization is critical because it can increase retention.


As you improve the app and user satisfaction, you’ll keep from losing users due to poor user experience


Moreover, improving UX helps improve your conversion rates, allowing you to drive increased revenue.


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Wrapping up


You can drive more customers to your business by focusing on better user experience.


Give your customers a seamless experience once they land on your website.


To improve UX, Zuan Technologies look at your business through the eyes of your customers and design based on their preferences.


Our professionals analyze what you need to change in your website and test to improve user experience for your customers. 


If you would like to know more about our services, I recommend you to contact us today!



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