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7 Exceptional Tips for Companies Looking to Hire a UX Designer

If you are looking for a skilled UX designer, then look no more. You can hire the expert professional UX designer now very easily.

We will help you from end to end process! Keep reading.


At present, whether it may be big or small business, all have their online presence to connect with the world audience.

Online presence of the websites plays a dominant role for success.


An attractive website will automatically get more traffic and high conversion rates of the companies.

Creating an attractive website and running it smoothly is a different task from optimizing it for user experience.


According to research, 52% of users don’t engage frequently with a company due to bad mobile experience.

So here comes the ultimate role of user experience and design to enhance your site.


A user experience design must be simple. It gives great user experience to its audience.

Don’t stress out! An expert UX designer can help you with that very smartly.


A UX designer will help to harmonize your business goals, objectives, and user needs as well.

Are you a budding company still? Then you may be confused about what type of UX designer you need to be successful.


What is a UX Designer?


UX designers will define how the product will work and feel. 

Are you having any design problem or project that has no right solution? You can solve or approach the issue with an UX designer.


The job of UX designers is to explore and solve a specific user problem for delivering better user experience in your website.

The job of a UX designer is complex and demanding because of handling more technical issues, as he requires a problem-solving mindset with the following skills too:


Design Input and Collaboration


  • Collaboration and Coordination with UI designer(s)
  • Testing with Product managers
  •  Planning with clients and teams
  •  User behavior and Analytics




  • Wireframing, sketching and Prototyping
  • Testing with Blueprints
  • Tools and Resources knowledge



Copywriting and Strategy


  • UX Copywriting and Content
  • Competitor and Customer analysis
  • Product structure/strategy


How to Hire? — Identifying UX Requirements


This step is to understand what type of UX designer you need to hire and this article will give you a clear picture to find the best suitable candidate.


Research & Discovery


Make a list of the needs of a UX designer in your project.


Your list must include deliverables like user experience research, brand positioning, product discovery, user behavior analysis, etc.


Deliverables & Production


After discovering the requirements of your project, move to define actual deliverables.


Now decide about prototypes and timeline to test your deliverables.

It may include defining user journeys, building wireframes, usability testing, interaction design, and more as follows.


Investigation & Redefining


Redefinition and investigation of deliverables and expectations is your next phase. 

Now you have initial research, production, and design iterations deliverables in hand.


 Let’s move on to deliverables that include usability improvement, UX audit, usability and affordability reconciliation, redefining, and introducing user function.


Finalizing Requirements


The next step is to finalize all the requirements such as the project’s scope, timeline, assumptions, specifications, and legal documents. 

During this process you will get a clear idea about hiring the UX designer that fits your needs.


What to look for in a UX Designer?


You can define the characteristics and skills of your UX designer in this step. 

After defining the skill-set on paper and in your mind, you can easily hire the best developer for your company.


7 Things to Consider When Hiring a UX Designer


  1. Business and Strategic Thinker


To select the appropriate designer for your project, check his way of approaching a problem. 

A good UX designer must perfect his business goals and his user needs.


It should facilitate a relationship between the product manager and his leads in a healthy way.

A good UX designer should give more priority to the objectives of your company.


  1. Innovative Design Strategy


 A strong design strategy can be achieved by solving the problem with clear understanding.


A good UX designer should know how he can transform the information into a useful one. 


A UX designer should spend more time establishing a design for long term usage.


  1. Tools and Workflow


Ask the candidate, What are the tools that he uses? Analyze his workflows, and try to understand whether he can work in your team or not.


Identify his skills in UX, and also check whether he is able to perform UI tasks as well. 


A good UX designer must have a great understanding with the latest prototyping tools such as Marvel, Principle, and so on.


  1. A Good Teacher


A great UX Designer won’t be protective about his unique designs that he uses.


He will teach his work and encourage others in their team also to produce high quality design. 


A good UX designer will conduct a design workshop if he really wants to engage with team members.


In other words, a good UX designer is also a great tutor and a facilitator.


  1. User Researcher


An UX designer should have active user research and know what design to choose and include feedback loops, surveys, and usability tests in his plans.


A strong design leader will respect customer feedback more than his validations in designs.


He will also collaborate with Engineers and Product Managers in his research.


  1. Cultural Contribution


A designer’s core skill is to communicate with users about the product easily.


A good UX designer will also collaborate with the other team members, such as Engineers, or Product Managers. 


It is also essential for any employee to build trust and form a good relationship with his team.


  1. Understand Your Company’s Mission


The designer must very well understand your company’s goals and objectives.

He should be able to work with the latest designs and technologies.


Also check his work experience in the relevant field.

So that you can find how passionate he will work for your company. 


Finally the designer must fulfill all the company’s goals and create attractive designs.


What Question to Ask in the Interview?


Here are some of the most important questions that you can ask your potential UX designer before recruiting one:



  • What clients, projects, or products have you worked on in the past?



Ask about the candidate’s past projects, associations, work, employers, and jobs to gain knowledge about his experience and duration in the field.



  • What role, job description, position are you or looking for?



Get an idea about what the candidate has in mind for the job, what his expectations and role he thinks will be a good fit.



  • What design tools, platforms, workflow are you fluent on?



Find out if his tools of design match the ones used by your team or if he can quickly equip himself with the skills to use your company’s preferred tools and platforms.



  • What are your hobbies, interests, and past-times?



This seems like a normal question, but when hiring a UX designer, it is an important one.


Most creative-minded individuals make the best UX designers. 


So look for candidates that have creative and artistic hobbies and interests.


Wrapping up


Hiring is a challenging part and choosing correct employees for your company will be a boon for your company.


A good UX designer can give more customer satisfaction by ensuring increased traffic and more conversions.


ZUAN TECHNOLOGIES will help you to tap into the latest user needs by creating customer loyalty and will help you to stand in the competitive market.


We have a team of innovative thinkers and designers.


We design your website by keeping all the above points in mind that will surely help you out.


We are here to help! Contact us, to reach out the most trusted Mobile and Web Development Company!

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