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How app development using Ionic can reduce cost by up-to 50%

Everyone is urging to keep app development affordable for more businesses, but they don’t know which is the right framework to cut down cost.


For any business looking to have an app, their goal, irrespective of their business platforms. Their need is to reach massive at low development costs and a quick launch time.


Money saving Ionic marketplace


When Ionic released its new and updated version –Ionic 4.0.0, and the developers started to shift their projects from native to the hybrid framework.


Even many entrepreneurs have expressed their desire to adopt the ionic and few have already opted for it. Most of the people are exploring the potentials of Ionic 4.


The recent Ionic update is captioned as “Ionic for Everyone” (the aim of this caption is to shift the users’ mind from its previous tag “Mobile for Angular” to “Ionic for Everyone”).


Ionic enterprise


The new release claims to be beneficial for every web developer in the world.


Moreover, the Ionic is transformed itself over the years and updated now with 1.5 times faster development solutions.


So, in this blog, we will explore how Ionic 4 is and how it is going to make your development solutions easy by reducing the cost up-to 50%.


Options You have for Faster Development


Are you looking to save cost on development? You can hire developers now and get your project developed using the technology in your budget.


In Ionic, you can get faster development options. By implementing an Ionic framework for your project, you can see effective results.


You can save on development by just following the rules that we have explained at the end of the paragraphs. I bet it will be cost effective for you.


Is Ionic Development Really Cost Saving?


If you are hiring Ionic developers from Ionic development companies, then you have to pay the same cost that you pay for every other developer -such as Angular, React, Vue or other.

So, here you may get the question.


How it will save your money or whether it will save your time in developing hybrid applications.


To know this you have to invest time in reading the entire article to understand and analyze it.


So, keep reading to find out, why and how Ionic offers better and faster development solutions?


You can’t save cost and have Faster Development by just hiring the developers at a cheaper rate, you also have to look in saving time.


Ionic supports faster development and also provides 1.5x faster performance than its previous version Ionic 3.


Ionic developers get inbuilt features and functionality that speed up the development process.


The most significant changes that Ionic 4 has received that boosts up development speed are as follows.

  •       Web Components
  •       CLI 4.0
  •       Routing


These are the significant changes inbuilt in the new release version.


They also help developers to create applications faster and more effective.


Let’s find out how these features can help developers.


Web Components for Faster Development


Ionic 4 transformation brings out many changes to make the framework successful universally.


The framework shifted all its 100 components to Web Components that will make development very fast.


What is web components: Web components are like UI libraries that are distributed with other developers.


Ionic web components follow the standardized component model, that allows developers to define custom HTML tags for a set of components.


The components were distributed to other developers. 


This helps developers to bring all web components utilizing the HTML tags (there is no need to write the entire code separate).


Web components that make Ionic most favorable and faster. For example;

  •       One Code for cross-platform
  •       One code for all
  •       Easy debugging
  •       Easy testing

These things enable your development process to be extremely easy and supportive faster.


CLI 4.0


Command Line Interface (CLI) can help developers with useful commands and choose the right frameworks based on the project’s requirements. 


However, Angular is a default framework present already.

CLI updated to CLI 4.0 is an engine that selects frameworks easily while it comes with a built-in development server that can simplify Cordova integration along with other tools.


 The bottom line is that you can get a set of tools and features in the same place that encourages faster development.


Routing in Ionic


The most significant updates in Ionic, is its routing.


Ionic uses Routing that helps developers to rout the components.


A router that is native Angular Router provides PWAs development easier.


Save Time in Debugging & Testing


Ionic is built in with easy debugging and testing solutions that will make your development smoother and faster.


It will make debugging and testing easy, so that you can save time in developing an application which is an add on advantage.


There is no need to re-deploy the app to a simulator or a device to debug and test time again.


“Ionic lab”:


The feature ‘ionic lab’ enables you to see how the app looks and performs at different platforms beforehand.


Ionic provides an inbuilt simulator that makes tasks easy for developers. 


In traditional terms, one has to load apps on simulator to check for the same.


Cost Effective Future Updates:


If you get any updates or want to integrate any feature in the app in future years, you don’t have to update separately for each platform.

One code is enough to run across all platforms.


Easy to Hire Ionic Developers


The technology has been around since 2013. You can get expertise developers working on the Ionic framework at ZUAN TECHNOLOGIES very easily.


Our experts will give you the best framework in the market.


What Is Required to Find the Right Ionic Developers at Reasonable Price?


Many factors involved here. If you are hiring highly experienced developers, they will provide you faster development solutions. 


For example, if you hire an ordinary developer, he will spend more time in development.


Whereas an Experienced developer can develop your project right before your expected deadlines.


Here comes Zuan technologies with solutions, you can find the right developers in time.


Here are some important tips to look into developers. Let’s take a look;


  •       Don’t hire individual developers if you don’t know them


  •       Hire developers through a development company who offers on-site or remote services


  •       Hiring Ionic developers from development company can be cheaper


  •       Most of the development companies across the world provide quality service at the lowest price


  •       Development Companies provide guaranteed solutions


  •       The individual developer may not meet your desired solutions


  •       Reliability of individual Ionic developer may be a concern


  •       Select the country carefully


  •       You can hire developers from India , it is 17 times cheaper than the developers from the USA



I hope from this article you will get to know how Ionic saves cost by up-to 50%.


You will be thinking of shifting to Ionic now. Yes, you made it right.


Ionic supports faster development and you can save maximum cost by hiring expert developers at Zuan technologies.


Contact us for all your app development queries!

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