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Food On Demand: 7 Business Models of Meal Delivery Startups

Food online delivery is a great business idea; it evolves latest technology for startups.

The business models are based on grocery delivery, meal-kit delivery, restaurant table booking, midnight food delivery, and more.


The most recent online food ordering and delivery business is analyzed by our experts at Zuan Technologies.

Getting food from your favorite restaurants during working hours is a hassle.


The online office food ordering and delivery business is a life saver for busy professionals and they can enjoy their delicious food from nearby restaurants at any time.

Many startups follow online food ordering & delivery businesses and make huge profits.


Do you know how to earn from this business idea, you just need to follow these business models and key website features for your success.

Let us look at the business model to understand the market and its dynamics.


Food startups in the on demand economy


More than delivery convenience, they also save us our time and effort.

Five specific opportunities for people by saving time:


  •       Decision Convenience – Making it fast and easy to choose. For example:  in Zomato you can view ratings and reviews of restaurants, and decide to order.
  •       Access Convenience – Making it fast and easy to get. For example: Hot Meals get delivered to your location within 30 minutes of your order.
  •       Transaction Convenience – Making it fast and easy to pay. For example:  All apps let you pay with cards, bank accounts or wallets like Google Pay.
  •       Benefit Convenience – Making it fast and easy to enjoy. For example: you can order from more than one restaurant, and get it straight to your home.
  •       Post-Benefit Convenience – Making it fast and easy to re-purchase. For example: You can save your address and payment details, bookmark your favorites restaurants to re-order in seconds.


How an Online Office Food Delivery Business Works?


Same boring meals are not a great option in celebrations.

To bring deliciousness back into the lives of every human and remove the hassle of food delivery, this business model works perfect.


We provide you the innovative business model here:

The user will create a profile on the website and register on the platform.


Every day at a given specific time (different for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), subscribed users receive a notification of meal and they can easily choose.

Interested users can place the order and pay.


The order will be sent to the associated restaurant.

After the order gets processed, the platform will collect all the orders and deliver them to the customer.


Start your online food ordering business with Zuan Technologies!


Possible Sources of Income


Starting an online food delivery business today, the demand for food delivery keeps growing.

The delivery charges should be considerable where the consumers should consider it as a value for money.


The most favorable business model is that you can deliver bulk orders in a single time.

This will reduce the delivery logistics and cost.


The main revenue models as follows:


Online Advertisements: Google AdSense can give revenue through advertisements.


Offline Advertisements: Advertisements of company Food packages.


Strategic Partnership: If you are willing to open a restaurant or small kitchen then you can sign up by paying a small fee to the platform.


Commission Percentage: Online food delivery businesses collaborated with restaurants can make you a commission based on the quantity of food order.


Major Players in this sector


How to register on the website or application?


The signup process should be easy enough for an average user.

On the sign-up page, the user fills details like first name, last name, office address, the number of employees, email id, new password, verification through OTP, and credit card details.

The registration process should give a user friendly experience.


How does a user order through a website or mobile application?


The User can simply access your food ordering website or mobile application with an easy login process.

Payment can be done by digital platforms (such as Google Pay, PayPal, Credit/Debit Cards, etc.) or cash on delivery (COD).


7 Business Models of Meal Delivery Startups:


Website Overview


Good user experience gives success for any business.

For any website, the user experience is the most important thing for success in online business.

Website features are the essential factors for food ordering and delivery business.


  1. Homepage


The homepage is the first point of contact with the users.

To make your website’s homepage highly engaged, use the following tips:

  •       The banner should have a call to action.
  •       The homepage should not be loaded by information.
  •       Use high resolution images.
  •       A banner video instead of the banner image and decrease the bounce rate by keeping the visitor engaged.
  •       Improve the UX of the website.


2. Process Workflow


In a separate section on your website’s homepage, you can explain the entire workflow in simple steps.

This is really helpful for new visitors to understand your services in a better way.


3. Contact us form


Formal contact form is not good for user engagement.

At Zuan Technologies, we found that most of them have the forms in paragraphs. Simple form is always better.

This gets user attention and also gives a personalized experience.


4. Testimonials


Trust in a brand is really hard to achieve.

Showing other customers reviews about your brand is a good way to get trust.

The testimonials or user reviews on your homepage builds trust and earn more potential customers.


5. Meal Section


This is the most important factor of any food delivery website.

By showing today’s meal, visitors can order it hassle free.

To attract customers, give a high definition close-up shot of the cooked meal.


The meal section should have an “Upcoming / Tomorrow’s Meal” section, which showcases the meals available on the next day.

This option allows customers to book meals in advance.


6. Help Center


The help center should be proper explaining your mobile app and website.

The entire experience can build trust in the visitor.


7.FAQ Section


Frequently Asked Questions is an important section in which many users will clear their doubts.

Following are few FAQ section:


  •       Can I get a refund?
  •       I didn’t receive food on time. What should I do now?
  •       Can I cancel my order?
  •       Can I place a group order?
  •       What payments do you accept?


Mobile Application Overview


1.  Sign Up


When a user opens your food ordering app on mobile for the first time, a sign-up/sign-in page appears on the screen.

This process should be easy for (Social media platforms and Google).


2.Profile Page


Once the user signs in, the profile page should appear.

Here the user can add more details such as office address, number of employees, favorite food item or other preferred payment methods.


3. Food Search/ Restaurant Locator Page


After logging in your food ordering mobile application, this appears first.

It has a search bar that allows the user to search the food or restaurant or both.

You can add special features like “meal of the day” for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


4. Easy Order Placement


After selecting their food, the user should order the food easily.

Allow them to edit the order by adding or deleting food items before choosing the payment method.


5. Multiple Payment Method


Ensure your users that the payment process is secure and fast.

Give facility of multiple payment methods via PayTM, Amazon Wallet, PayPal, Credit/Debit card or Cash on delivery.


6. Rating/Review Integration


Allow your customers to share their valuable reviews about their favorite food or restaurant.

Let them rate the quality of food in the review/rating system.


7. Provide Customer Care Helpline


If your user has any queries or any complaints let him/her directly connect with your customer care team via email, chat box or call.


Wrapping up


The food ordering and delivery business is rapidly increasing in all parts of the world.

As for the startup ecosystem, it gives an opportunity to fill the need of feeding hungry working people at the office and also the people who couldn’t have any access.

Restaurant Chains- Supercharge Your Food Delivery Business. Single Restaurants- Launch A Branded Mobile App For Your Restaurant.


At Zuan Technologies, we make your online food order and delivery business app with features mentioned in the above sections.

That gives you the perfect start in the food tech industry.

To get more tips on App development for better user engagement, consult experts in our team.


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