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Google Autocomplete: 3 (Clever TIPS) Improve Your SEO

Google Autocomplete, (former name: Google Suggests) is an effective search feature. This feature allows users to quickly search. At the same time, it helps SEO professionals and digital marketers in keyword research.

The Autocomplete is very useful in performing marketing and widely used among marketers now. The big giants like Quora and Wikipedia have included this feature in their search intent. It’s an interesting and popular topic in social media nowadays.


What is Google Autocomplete?


Google Autocomplete functions to provide actionable and quick search results to users who even start typing.

You can find this tool everywhere in the Google search feature, like Google search box and Google apps. The Autocomplete functions are based on RankBrain (Google’s machine learning search algorithm) and it helps users by providing better results.

To get search results, page ranking, and user queries it uses the data from RankBrain by reading its signals. Google Autocomplete is the product of these predictive models and it gives predictions to users’ queries.

Google’s policies violate showing hateful, sexually explicit, dangerous autocomplete predictions. Google updated its policies changes recently, In 2018 it made changes in spam and manipulation. 

In 2017, it began reporting Autocomplete issues. However, Google says autocomplete suggestions won’t stop you from searching for something.


How does Google Autocomplete work?


The Autocomplete function is that when a user types in Google search box, the algorithm shows predictions of possible search queries and a list of related words.

The search predictions follow popularity and shows:


  • The keyword you type.
  • Past relevant searches from your Google account.
  • What most people search and trending information.


From the search results, you will find the exact search query of the matching queries in Google.

The Autocomplete functions to deliver the quickest search results and also shows what other people search (the popular and trending queries).


Autocomplete predictions


People think that Autocomplete shows the related keywords in search results, but exactly it shows the predictions. It can help you display your search intent queries. And it doesn’t work to give results for predictions based on a new search.


The influence of location and language in search predictions


Google search results will be based on your location and language in Google settings. In the incognito search also it is related to your country or city in search results Suggestions.

It is important to set your language settings correctly. The browser shows different suggestions based on your language settings only. So it is ideal to search in a particular language on Google trends.


Search history and Google Autocomplete predictions


Google algorithm significantly helps to provide products based on your historical data and its personalized search results. Each user will get their personalized search results in Google Autocomplete.

The Autocomplete search results will be the results of your past searches and keywords suggestions.


Ranking and Autocomplete predictions


Google’s SERP and Autocomplete features the same by showing searches based on popularity.

But it doesn’t show the high volume searches or which is historically popular. The Autocomplete search results will be the influences of the relevancy.


Which comes first, high-volume searches or trending topics?


The keyword ranking is a major influence of popularity. Google gives importance to relevant search results over the high volume and popular keywords.

Google algorithms predominantly give users the freshness layer and Autocomplete shows the sudden increase of certain search queries.

The factor that influences it may be a low search volume for search results or the recent virality of the particular search intent.


How to use Google Autocomplete?


Autocomplete service is to provide the quickest search results even before the user typing time and helps with predictions. And also it’s useful for marketers like,


  • Keyword suggestions
  • Content ideas
  • Learn user intent
  • Data-driven tasks


If you are a marketer, SEO professional, or user, here are the 3 clever tips to improve SEO with Google Autocomplete:


1. Performing keyword research


Google Autocomplete is a powerful keyword research tool and it helps in the starting stages of content development. Autocomplete is a great choice for organic search implementation.

To plan keywords for SEO, Autocomplete can be the ideal choice that shows a popular keywords list. You can also get long-tail keywords ideas with values.

Long-tail keywords are very effective in high-quality education content and blog posts with the brand niche. They are also helpful in filling high valuable content gaps.

Search on Incognito mode and by signing out from Google account gives anonymous Autocomplete results. Google restricts keyword suggestions, so relying on Autocomplete alone is not favorable.

Keyword Tool extracts data from Google Autocomplete and AdWords Keyword planner. This tool gives a large collection of data including metrics like search volume, cost per click (CPC), and keywords competitions.


2. Learn about user’s search intent


Google keywords ranking is slightly changed nowadays, search engine Algorithm gives more importance to search intent than keywords search volume.

If you have the knowledge of users’ search intent, you can satisfy page, layout, and messaging goals.

Google Autocomplete functions to show popular and trending topics that people are searching for.

Autocomplete will give you the ideas on the user’s search intent and high volume long-tail keywords.

This helps marketers to get keyword search intent by viewing the search volumes of keywords and they can compare with different search intent. This definitely can boost your SEO strategy and little time consuming but worth it.


3. Learn about online individuals, brands, and companies


The Autocomplete drop list will show you all the related search lists if you search for any brand or company on Google.

This list will also have a list of other people’s search queries related to your search term.

For example, if you are looking for a good restaurant and search for related keywords. You will be directed to review potential customers and this Autocomplete feature can change the real impact of businesses.


Bottom Line


Will you visit a restaurant that has bad reviews on Google? Obviously, you will not visit the restaurant, and here comes the role of Autocomplete suggestions.

There were companies and brands that lost their revenue because of bad reviews in Autocomplete search intent.

If you are a social media user, you might be knowing the videos and reviews of businesses that go virally popular when they fail to serve customer purposes.

Google Autocomplete plays a vital role in Online reputations management (ORM). Never ignore Autocomplete and consistently manage the predictions.

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