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A Round-up of GoDigital Seminar 2015

Our Digital Marketing seminar for Business and Career Growth that was held on 22nd August 2015 has received positive response from the audience and we’re happy to share about it our blog.

zuan technology godigital seminar 2015

The GoDigital Seminar Event

Speaker of #GoDigital Seminar, Mr. Punith Alex had everything to offer and his insights were truly interesting and it was a very interactive session to learn more about digital marketing trends in terms of business and career aspects.

 GoDigital 2015 – Zuan Technologies

We would also like to share few moments that have been captured during the event:

Zuan Technology - Go Digital (Digital Marketing Seminar)

 GoDigital 2015 – Zuan Technologies

 GoDigital 2015 – Zuan Technologies

High Tea and Wrapping

After the seminar, we had Q/A session where our participants had some discussion about their queries to our Speaker and finally we had got to the Food part of the event. A buffet of yummy Kesari, Tasty Bondas, Kichadi, and tea were served and the participants had a good chit-chat for quite some time.

It was indeed a pleasant event and we’re happy to share this with you!

The Final Clicking Moments

Zuan Technology- Go Digital Seminar

Upon the feedback from participates, a maximum of them have told the seminar was very effective and they are looking more in-depth understanding about the digital marketing trends and techniques. We will definitely make it in the next event!

We thank one and all, who have attended the event and gave us an awesome experience to grow! We are happy to invite you for the future events too, and assure you to satisfy with a double delightful experience..!

To know more about the Digital Marketing Seminar, click here GoDigital 2015 – A Seminar on Digital Marketing for Business and Career Growth

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