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zuan godigital seminar 2015zuan godigital seminar 2015

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend GoDigital Seminar 2015 in Chennai

Here comes the most awaited Digital Marketing Seminar 2015 in Chennai, which is crafted exclusively for Business Owners and Job Seekers!

Have you blocked your dates on 22nd August, 2015 for the GoDigtial Seminar?

If not, REGISTER now at

So, what special with our digital marketing seminar? Why should you not miss it?

zuan technology godigital seminar 2015

Following are five reasons why you should attend our Digital Marketing Seminar 2015 in Chennai.

# To Stay Competitive

“Keep up or fall behind” is an old proverb! The industries are moving more into the digital world! If you are not competitive, then you are running on a risk of losing the opportunity to reach your clients.

GoDigital Seminar hosted by Zuan Technology, will bring you altogether at one place!

# To Be More Effective

Businesses that are readily available online will have more preference when compared to traditional selling of products/services. How to stay more effective and target the potential audience with less-expensive methods? The answer will be revealed in our GoDigital 2015!

# To Learn Digital Mediums and Techniques

Digital media is the most powerful and active medium to be utilized to target potential customers online. Come to GoDigital event and explore the latest and unseen digital mediums and techniques that are proven to be worth increasing your brand’s online presence.

# To Increase Profit and Momentum

With more and more consumers doing online research to make a purchase, the ROI of internet marketing is on a roll. Increasing the customer’s journey will increase your profit and momentum! Our Customer Acquisition framework proves to be the best solution for challenges that e-businesses faces in the current marketing world.

# To Make Interaction in Action

By going digital, you can provide your customers with varied user experience, so that they can engage using your platform. At GoDigital, you will be learning how to build customer preference and keep them in hands.

And, Most of all, it’s our Speaker:

Mr. Punith Alex – Digital Marketing Director at Contus

Hence, our Seminar on Digital Marketing for Business and Career Growth will definitely bring you with new insights in taking your career and business to the next level!!

It’s time to uncover the Hidden potentials of Digital Marketing and just #GoDigital..!

See you at Liberty Park Hotel, Chennai on 22nd August, 2015 by 03.00 PM

Have a look at our Video Here:

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