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Adobe Latest Update- Muse Website Design and Build Tool

Nowadays designers have number of reasons to bypass the website for developing team, with flexible output for Desktop, PC, Mobile phones and tablet screens.

Adobe have been made this mission to let designers able to develop their website  without getting help from programming team with all functions supported by modern web browsing devices like desktop/ laptop, smartphone and tablet. Changing the design according to the browser and device is very common these days.

Muse, is the website design application that comes along for the user to create cloud based web application with easy manner. The muse suite includes a number of tools that any professional has already use like to say Photoshop, Flash, InDesign and Dreamweaver also Acrobat.

The main tagline for this application is it’s all about that creating a website without need of writing any code manually. So that designers can draw and insert the required widgets and fonts like in Adobe InDesign software. There more than 550 fonts are available you can choose from the one for your requirements.

One main concept which is highlight in the Muse is its Master layout, ability to have multiple number of master can inherit the page elements from other masters. It also gives ability to customize the master page elements like header, footer and design of logo for the particular sub pages. Also it provides preview option for the site in landscape on different tablets and phones.

Other key concepts in the Muse is its widgets, contact forms, interactive elements like slideshows, downloads and animations. These all widgets are updated so that designer has more control over their behavior. Also these widgets are touch enables and it allows the user can swipe the images in their devices like Smartphone.

You can publish this using Adobe’s business catalyst hosting server or directly from your FTP web servers.


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