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#ChennaiFloods says HUMANITY is still Alive

Tamil Nadu is experiencing its heaviest rainfall ever in over 100 years and so far we have witnessed the nature’s fury with incessant rains leading to deadly floods!! In spite of the moments of tragedy, people from all around the nation has come down to help Chennaites in their own possible ways by offering food, money, transportation, shelter and even more.

#ChennaiRains restored our Faith, and says HUMANITY is still Alive!!

As the rains keep pouring and the city is slowly sinking, we have seen ample of good hearts and volunteers those who helped people in the city and safeguarded the lives of many from the flooding disaster! Through this we can see the power of Human spirit is never dying & it is very much alive!


In many areas of the state, people have run out of their day-to-day lives and helped the flood victims with every help that is possible including food packets, mobile recharges, blankets, torches, water bottles, free auto services, free accommodations, etc., to make sure that Chennaites are safe.

But there were lots of difficulties faced during the rescue operations and the saddest part is excess food were getting wasted without reaching the hungry people. There were also many distractions in supplying flood relief items to the needy on-time. Pure drinking water was also very challenging. We know it is difficult and such emergency situations cannot be avoided, but we think the relief works would have been better if all the groups have united and formed a big chain to do the rescue measures.

Though volunteers are doing their best to reach out to the people in the inner areas, it still difficult and we do not know how long this will help people who lost their home and belongings in this natural disaster. They definitely require a better permanent solution in addition to this flood relief to get back to their normal life!

Twitter Hashtag for Chennai Rains Help to seek aid:

You might have seen many pictures from the social media channels showing the stories of human goodness, and their undying spirit to help the beautiful city! Their prayers, their post shares, their relief efforts are priceless showing the HUMANITY is still very much ALIVE! And, we will never give it up!!

Some Humans surely deserves a SALUTE! This is what fills us with HOPE!

Zuan Technology Team thanks all the Real Heroes at the rescue operations who have helped Chennaites to survive better even at their worse situation!

Thank you Friends!

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