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Are these the Signs of Google’s New Mobile Ranking Algorithm?

Recently Google is sending warning to a lot of webmasters regarding the mobile usability for the websites that are not mobile-friendly. This seems to bring a wider scope of changes in the mobile technologies!! Is this the sign for mobile algorithm? It is upto Google!!

Google is sending mass notifications containing the subject “fix mobile usability issues found on..” to the webmaster of many websites. Many sites have critical issues with mobile usability errors up to 100% and these pages are to be displayed and ranked according to how it is displayed in Smartphones.

The notifications are being received via Google Webmaster Tools and email. It is also sent to the websites that are not mobile-friendly at all and issues warning about the pages that does not rank well in mobile search. These seems to have clear signs about the new mobile ranking algorithm that may be launched by Google. These issues are being experimented since November and also it seems this is the reason why they have launched mobile-friendly testing tools. Features like mobile usability reports in webmaster tools and mobile-friendly labels in search results may have chances of bringing up a mobile search algorithm!!

So there is something bigger to come from Google on its Algorithm side. But, Google has not confirmed anything about this yet!

Copy of Email Being Sent to Webmasters regarding Mobile Usability Issues

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