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Video Marketing

Leverage Video Marketing for Online Branding – A Case Study

In this 21st century, there is no secret about the fact that Online Presence = Branding Awareness. 90% of the marketing expert agrees that how you present your brand on the internet is the first impression for the customers. Online brand identity is the one which people think of when you are not reachable. In fact, it is very essential these days and it exceeds the traditional way of marketing.

Video Marketing for Online Branding

As it is now the period of brand communication, there are so many platforms available to connect with customers. The main challenge is to get into the consumer eyes via powerful content that echoes with a widely targeted audience.

Of all marketing channels, Video marketing is told to be the best way to expose a brand!!

Survey Reports

A recent survey says around 76% of the brands says video is the best way to brand content. And, almost 12% of customers prefer to view content from the brands on their mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets. As this is the world where almost 20 million mobile phone users are having Smarthphones, hence, the branded video content is easily accessed and shared across multiple devices by a large number of audience.

Impact of Quality Video Branding Awareness

Research says watching a high quality branded video

  • Inspires 36% of the customers to refer a brand to their friends and family
  • Stimulates high brand loyalty among the 30% of the audience
  • Produces memorable and everlasting brand awareness for one third of the consumers
  • Give confidence to the listeners of around 39% to conduct research about the brand and its products/services

Changes in ROI for the value of Video Content

Statistics says video marketing was found to encourage a wide range of audience when compared to other channels of marketing. The “Video ROI” has shown a huge difference as the website conversion rate for video content brands was 4.8%, while the non-using firms were only 2.9% on an average.

Leveraging Video Marketing to keep up with growing Consumer Demand

As it is now proven that the tech savvy clients are demanding more high quality video experiences from the brands, it is important to focus on improving your video marketing strategies. The relevancy and quality of the content still matters the most and plays a very crucial part in brand identity.

As a brand, one must always make sure to keep the rising expectations of the clients within their level to seamlessly increasing their ROI. So, it is the time to start investing in video assets and increase the user experience on any device, any location and any connection!

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