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How to Gain the Websites SEO in Ten Minutes

Many digital marketers recognize lots of details regarding SEO. However, problem with the large image, one of the foremost necessary skills you’ll be able to develop is obtaining a fast exposure of a website’s SEO. All it takes is 10 minutes. And you don’t want any costly tools. You can use this bit-by-bit method to see your own website’s health, to search out how your competitors do, and to find what has to be done to boost your SEO.

Step1: Finding the Domain Authority.

Step2: Determine the website loading speed.

Step3: Checking the sitemap.

Step4: Checking the onsite content.

Step5: Checking the H-tags.

Step6: Checking the robots.txt

Step7: Checking the Meta content.

Step8: Keywords testing.

Finding the Domain Authority:

Domain authority (DA) could be a range, or score, assigned to your web site. The quantity is on a 100-point scale. The higher quantity, the additional authoritative your web site is. Sites with higher domain authority scores get well search results. A site’s domain authority will increase with its age, SEO, and authoritative link backs. The domain authority is that the single most significant piece of knowledge you would like to attain a web site.

Determine the website loading speed:

If the website as a good time loading Google will rank the site as high, but if the site is slow, then the search engine optimization will be very poor.

Just go to Pingdom, type the URL, and click test now. The Pingdom will analyze the performance of the site and load time.

Checking the sitemap

Sitemap is a sign of easily indexed site and an organized site that is good for SEO.

If the website is yours, you almost certainly already know if you have got a sitemap or not.

If you’re investigation a website you don’t own, kind in the URL, followed by “sitemap.xml”

If you still can’t notices the sitemap, use this Google query: URL of the web site, followed by a space.

If you still can’t notice the sitemap, there most likely isn’t one. If there’s a sitemap, that’s an honest sign of SEO.

Checking the onsite content:

A website requires updated content, continual in order to rank well. It’s very difficult to have constant SEO without reliable content output.

Checking the H-tags:

In order to have the correct Meta content, you must have the H-tags [Header-tags] as well. Good search engine optimization means having at least ideally, H1 tags, H2, H3.

Checking the robots.txt:

A website with a good SEO with a robots.txt files with no disallows. Make sure that this is not disallowing the crawlers from the indexing website.



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