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Ever Best Tips for SEO Experts In 2014

Search engine optimization changes its faces in day to day life. It is very essential one to understand and cope yourself according to the changing trends, then only your business can able to survive in the competitive world. Here the simple ever best tips for SEO experts in the year 2014.

Google Authorship:

Rich snippet like Google Authorship will affect the search results. Google created this authorship for verifying the own content, so better content will be better search result and ranking.

Hummingbird in terms of detailed content:

This hummingbird algorithm expects every website has longer and more detailed information in every post. In longer better and high quality detailed information will be giving weigh more than shorter post.

Anchor text will more important than ever:

Both external and internal anchor text will be very important one for SEO. Unrelated and irrelevant anchor text will affect your search result as well as ranking in search engine.

Guest posting:

Guest posting rules are changed; this one is the greatest way to build new customer as well as hang with new audience over the globe. If you connect yourself with unrelated and irrelevant sites that nothing to do your niche means then surely you will be punished in future updates.

User friendly website:

Increasing number of mobile users make us to change ourselves according to the user interaction. That means more mobile friendly sites will be ranked higher in the search result. So building mobile friendly website will make you get good ranking in search results.

Social signals will become more important:

Social signals will boost your rankings as well as engage yourself with your valuable audience. Concentrating on your social signals like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and other will helps to boost your SEO result.

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