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Benefits magento developmentBenefits magento development

15 Surprising Benefits of Magento Development For Your New Ecommerce Business!

Are you thinking of starting a new e-commerce business in the lockdown period? Then, you can’t omit the benefits of Magento development platform for your new e-commerce store. Want to know how Magento ecommerce development is going to benefit you than choosing other ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, 3Dcart, and Volusion? then, keep scrolling down


30-second summary:

  1. Nowadays, particularly after the novel coronavirus lockdown, online shopping has become very common among people. This is what encouraged many of the brick and mortar retail owners to start an e-commerce store to gain profit even in the lockdown period. 
  2. If you’re also one among them, looking to start an e-commerce store, then I am sure you must have heard about Magento. Yes, Magento stands in the leading position with thousands of eCommerce store owners around the world.
  3. I know, you would be wondering what would be the reason for Magento to stand in the first place than other ecommerce development platforms. Therefore, in this blog post, I am going to share with you the 15 surprising benefits of Magento development platform for every startup ecommerce business. 


Let’s get started!


  1. Powerful Ecommerce Development Platform:



Whether you have less or more number of products accommodated in your eCommerce store. Magento will act as a powerful ecommerce development platform to satisfy all your needs.


It is the only ecommerce development platform that can store and manage hundreds and thousands of products without any hassle.


However, if you’ve chosen Magento at the beginning of your ecommerce store development. You don’t want to worry about the performance and scalability, as your store grows, because you can switch it easily anytime.


Furthermore, the Magento platform offers certain features like product and inventory management.  This helps your ecommerce website to easily organize and manage products.


On top of all this, the Magento development platform allows you to set up filters and navigation. This in turn helps in boosting conversion rates and enhances the overall performance of your ecommerce site.


2.  Advanced and SEO-friendly:



With the help of Magento development platform, the process of optimizing your ecommerce website product pages and descriptions becomes very easy.


It is because the ecommerce platform is built with keeping SEO in mind. Therefore, it gives your ecommerce store products a better opportunity to appear on different search engines.


Furthermore, the websites that are developed using the Magento ecommerce platform are very responsive.


Hence, your ecommerce store will be compatible across all the devices and browsers. Along with improved SEO, your ecommerce store will provide the best customer experience or user experience.


3. Fast Loading Web pages:



One of the biggest benefits of the Magento ecommerce development platform is its incredible faster loading web pages.


In the fast-paced world, no one has time to wait for anything. Everyone wants everything in their hands as they thought off.


At this point, if your website loads slower, then no one will wait and they simply click the back button and go to your competitor site.


Furthermore, the study confirms that 50% of users abandon the sites that take more than 2 seconds to load. It means users are expecting a site to load within a second.


Thus, understanding the importance of website loading time. Magento development platform built with faster load pages. This, in turn, leads to a significant increase in your sales and conversion rates.


4. Flexible Content  Management:



Talking about the other major benefits of the Magento development platform is its flexible content system. 


It is imperative for eCommerce websites to have a flexible content management system to update fresh quality content every day to attract the audience.


Thus, opting for Magento development lets e-commerce store owners customize the offerings and make the store user-friendly.


Furthermore, Magento is built with an intuitive page editor, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). This is used for those who are looking to manipulate the basic functioning of the shopping cart.


You can also start using this tool to edit e-commerce web pages without any technical knowledge.


5. It can be Highly-Customized:



Talking about the other amazing benefits of Magento development is- it can be customized easily. Starting from look to feel of the store, product categories to content everything can be customized with Magento.


However, a store developed with this kind of high customization process requires everything to be coded from scratch and this would be done by a great Magento developer.


Furthermore, the platform also offers an option to choose from a variety of payment, shipment, and language that suits your customers in a more friendly manner.


Hence, with the Magento development platform, almost every functionality on your ecommerce website is possible. Besides, a lot of plugins are also available that helps in improving the functionality of your online store.


6. Can get Advanced Reporting:



Data is very important for an ecommerce store to get deeper insights and to know consumer behavior. 


Therefore, with the Magento development platform, you can get a major understanding of your e-commerce store. As there are various high-end reporting features that provide nearly 20 reports through the web interface.


Some of the major insights like orders, customers, and products are given by the reporting feature.


Furthermore, the report keeps on updating continuously to display the latest information. Some of them include the number of orders, AOV and taxes, collection of shipping fees, the number of registered accounts, the number of product orders, and insight about best-selling products. 


So, what are you waiting for? Become a part of Magento e-commerce owner and start managing your ecommerce business smartly with the latest insight, data, and metrics.


7. It is Built with Sales in Mind:



The other major benefit of the Magento development platform is- it’s specially built with keeping sales in mind. This means, if you want to drive higher conversions, then, it’s one of the best choices out there.


Thinking how? Magento has a segmentation option, which allows you to target customers based on their cart and buying history, and also provide personalized, relevant content. 


Furthermore, the Magento eCommerce platform enables you to set up product recommendations and upsells on product and checkout pages. Thus, you can easily recommend related items for your customers and essentially help as a member of your sales team. 


On the other hand, the Magento platform also offers one-page checkout options, which allows customers to less likely to abandon their cart. 


Some of the General Benefits of Magento Development Include, But Are Not Limited To 


8. Allows Multi-Websites:



Magento ecommerce development platform provides a great potential to host multiple websites on a single admin/ back-end panel. 


In other words, with the Magento platform, if you have different ecommerce stores, you can be set up separately with its unique product catalog, design, and features in the mutual business structure.


9. Support Multi-currency & Language:



While the majority of today’s e-commerce platforms do not support multiple currencies and languages.


But with Magento e-commerce web development, your ecommerce store supports all currencies and languages worldwide. One of these features of the Magento eCommerce platform will be more valuable for stores that target a wide geographical audience.


10. Third-party integration:



By using the Magento development platform, you can easily integrate your ecommerce site with different payment gateways and third-party web applications like PayPal, Google Shopping, MailChimp, eBay, QuickBooks, and much more.


11. It is an Open-Source Platform:



As we all know, Magento is an open-source platform, which means that:

  • Magento ecommerce platform offers you with plenty of customization and integration options.
  • It will even develop more in the future.
  • It can also be obtained free of cost for all the merchants. Do simply download and install Magento on your servers without paying any licensing fees.


12. Easily integrated with Google services:


Another amazing benefit of Magento website development is that it can easily integrate with most of the Google services like Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and Google Base effortlessly.


13. Secured e-commerce store:



With Magento development, you can secure your store and easily manage effectively internal access with multi-level security permission. 


On the other hand, using the Magento platform, you are able to generate the secondary password in order to forbid unexpected breaches. Furthermore, Magento has CAPTCHA and PCI Data Security for the utmost protection.


14. Vast Magento community:



Magento has a wide community, currently, there are more than 312,000 members participating in the Magento e-commerce development community.


As a result, it’s not difficult to find help when you have any problems with your Magento ecommerce developed website.


15. Advanced Search Filtration:



Dynamic features in the Magento eCommerce site are used to improve the search that filters the products based on the parameters mentioned by the user.


Magento has a unique and great feature of search like product tag filters, viewed products, product reviews, and recently compared. The search can also be done based on the auto-suggested term. 


Wrapping up:


I hope from the above benefits, you would have understood that Magento is an amazing e-commerce platform to fulfill all your online shopping preferences. 


Magento e-commerce development brings about endless advantages, from the secured shopping experience, hassle-free product management, to easy third-party integration. All these help to drive your business growth.


Being one of the most reputed Magento development companies in Chennai, Zuan technology will help you to build an amazing e-commerce website that meets all the needs of today’s ecommerce trends. Contact our team now to receive a complete Magento web development plan for your ecommerce business!


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