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Bounce Rate Vs Exit Rate

Internet marketing has two most important metrics as bounce rate and exit rate.  Do you want to know the difference between the two? Do you feel it a bit puzzling? If your answer is yes, then you have reached the right place.

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of visitors who visited a single page in a website and left out without visiting the other pages. Exit rate is the percentage of visitors who get depart from a particular page of your site and based on the number of visits to that page. Though it sounds alike, it has a difference; the visitor exited from the particular page may have visited the other pages. For instance, if a visitor opens your site by organic search and moved to next page and if he exited from that page, then its exit rate and if he had left out from the page he opened without visiting the next page, then it is bounce rate.

The perfect bounce rate should be between 20% and 25% and if it gets increased by 35% then you should concentrate more on the usability factors. If the bounce rate is high on home page, then you should optimize your site by improving its functionality, user-friendliness and quality content. If you have high exit rate, then you should analyze whether it is of organic flow and should examine the average time of the visitors spent on your site. If the time spent on you site is high, then it shows that the site has the useful content.

Bounce Rate:

  • Page X: 0% (no sessions began with Page X, so it has no bounce rate)
  • Page Y: 33% (bounce rate is higher than exit rate, because 3 sessions started with Page Y, with one leading to a bounce)
  • Page Z: 100% (one session started with Page Z, and it lead to a bounce)

Exit Rate:

  • Page X: 33% (only 3 of 5 sessions included Page X)
  • Page Y: 50% (only 4 of 5 sessions included Page Y)
  • Page Z: 50% (only 4 of 5 sessions included Page Z)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Your bounce rate will help you to decide how well or poorly your landing pages are performing and your exit rate will help you to know about the pages with quality content and the pages that do not work well. You can conclude your bounce rate and exit rate from Google analytics and also from Adsense.

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