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Top 6 Digital Marketing Strategies Companies Following to Fight Against Coronavirus!

During these unprecedented times, when the novel Coronavirus pandemic started to widespread across the nation,  the government has declared a  worldwide lockdown. As a result, many of the companies encouraged their employees to work remotely at home. And most of the small scale businesses are switched to digital technologies to stay connected with the customers and not to lose out the business completely during Covid-19. So, if you’re also a small business owner struggling in this crisis and don’t know what to do? Then keep reading these top 6 digital marketing strategies companies following to fight against coronavirus, this helps you to reap the most out of it. 

Hence, by reading this article, you will come to know,

  1. How Coronavirus [COVID-19] Is Impacting Business?
  2. Reason to follow Digital Marketing strategies during Coronavirus!
  3. Top 6 Digital Marketing strategies every company following to Fight against Coronavirus!

Let’s get started,


How Coronavirus [COVID-19] Is Impacting Business?

Currently, many digital companies to survive during these uncertain times and to help their business sail in tough times. They now started focusing on finding out new paths like cutting down their costs by providing offers and discounts.

Most importantly, companies that run a face-to-face business are now immensely facing a challenging condition to survive during the crisis.

The important reason behind this challenging situation is,  those companies are not digitally sound enough, and therefore they lack the marketing strategies concerning customer relations, which is also causing hindrance to their survival.

On the other hand, the businesses that run on referrals made by the customers or on old reputations are now in the critical state to run their businesses without getting connected with customers.

I hope, how important it is for small business to evolve digitally in the age of digital to survive in any situation. 

If you’re not convinced yet to follow digital strategies, below are some of the reasons that prove to you why to turn digital.


Reason to Follow Digital Marketing Strategies During Coronavirus!

Here are some of the important points that says why companies started to follow digital marketing strategies at such pandemic times:

The novel coronavirus has pushed many companies to an excessive amount of loss due to unplanned cancellation of conferences and events.  This has led to a huge loss of money, time, and a year spent arranging for these important conferences for organizations.

Hence, to sail through these hard times and to get ROI, digital marketing is the right thing to invest in,  and many organizations are trying to adapt to these new norms. This helps them to stay connected with clients and employees at any time and anywhere.

Do you know? There are companies that did not give much importance to having a Facebook or Instagram page are also now opting for creating SEO marketing, content marketing, and social marketing strategies to sail in a boat.

There can be some voice says, the lockdown may end soon and everything will be back to normal. But you know the experts have something different to say.

The dependence on digital platforms is here to stay for long, and people would still prefer web channels or digitized platforms instead of insisting on an in-person meeting, hence it is important to change for a long time survival in the industry.


Top Digital Marketing Strategies Companies following to Survive During  COVID-19

Here are some of the interesting digital marketing strategies that companies are following and you can also use those as tips to fight against during these testing times.


#1 Turn Your Typical Face-to-Face Business to Online

One of the most important things to consider for incorporating digital marketing strategies is, you need to shift your business online. 

Very well, you know the reason behind it- as the pandemic spreading at a rapid level and nobody knows for how long this situation will last.

Furthermore, the government declaring a worldwide lockdown, the norm has suddenly changed to social distancing. So, it’s important to turn your company that runs on the face to face relationships to digital to bring a change and profit. 

If you’re not able to rethink and create online strategies for your company, then you face extremely challenging situations in the coming years. 


#2: Remember the Pandemic and Facilitate Digital  Marketing Strategies

Once, you’ve changed your business online, if you’re planning to incorporate digital marketing strategies for your business, plan it according to the current situation. 

Therefore, while you’re planning, you need to be very cautious and strategize the policies on how to handle your business during this challenging phase.

Assuming that nothing has happened and planning the digital strategies, as general, can bring in more problems for your business. 

Hence, keep in mind the delicate situation, and primarily while incorporating the digital marketing situation, you must recognize your clients and need to identify this change and act accordingly. 

So, instead of asking your customers to buy your products and services as normal. Remember the lockdown situation and create advertisement campaigns with the help of digital marketing strategies. This is one of the ways to stay connected with your customers and remain in your customer’s mind.


#3 Start Redesigning Your Older Website

Yes, if you’re already running a  digital business, and you’ve not seen any organic traffic that comes to your site. Then, this is the right time to redesign your older website to a  new one and perform a website audit to make it functional and operative. 

Previously, because of your busy schedule, you may be neglected or ignored to recreate your website but now it’s not as normal days. You need to stay one step ahead in the race to win against the emerging online start-ups.

Hence, considering the current situations, sprucing up the company’s websites is one of the best techniques to connect with the customers.

Finally and most importantly, you must not forget to update your website’s older content and continue to add products and services on your page to grab the attention of the visitors.

To stay competitive, there are many digital marketing agencies that help you to update your website, and additionally, they also conduct keyword research and make your SEO updated. 

#4 Create Advertisement Campaigns Online

The other marketing strategies to follow during COVID-19 is to create advertisements campaigns online to grab customer attention. 

However, when it comes to creating advertisements campaigns online, you need to research based on keywords that come in handy. 

For instance, if you have Google advertisements, then you must perform a close check of the advertisement platforms and the website to rule the campaigns that are relevant in the current time.  

As I discussed above while creating new advertisement campaigns considering the prevailing situation and act it accordingly. 

Once you started your advertisement campaigns, you can use programs like google display advertisements or google remarketing or shopping ads that are well known for giving quick results. All they can provide a new shape for your business very rapidly.


#5 Update Your Presence on Social Media

Today everyone uses a mobile phone, laptop, and tablet. Furthermore, this lockdown made people always stay connected with social media for any Coronavirus updates and for entertainment purposes. 

So, to engage with your customers, social media is the right place. Further, Facebook ads are viral, and they are well known for grabbing a huge number of visitors with the availability of a variety of advertisement campaigns.  

The other good choice for B2B organizations to engage with clients is to create LinkedIn advertisements.

#6 Bonus Digital Marketing Strategies that Can Help You Fight Against Coronavirus:

Anticipate the needs of the customers and just creating video content and upload it on youtube. This actually grabs more views because people always love to see more than reading something.  

So, start leveraging the technology and widespread your business across the nation. 

Bottom Line: 

I hope if you’re a small retail business owner relying on in-person contacts and suffering huge losses, you can understand the emerging importance of digital technologies and how important it is to shift your typical business online for long time survival and even during these tough times.

Having trouble finding the right digital marketing agency for all your needs, then contact Zuan technology we upgrade your business during the Coronavirus crisis through our digital marketing services.

Lastly, to stop the widespread of the COVID 19 virus across the globe, the best solutions are staying at home and practicing social distance.

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