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Exclusive – Google Internet Balloons in Air

Are you in place where you could not get internet access??? Well, here is exclusive news for you! Google has just launched an “Internet Beaming Antennas” Balloons (Superpressure Balloons) into the stratosphere, exactly 12miles that is 20km from the ground to provide internet access for you.

Google had announced today (15th June 2013) that it has 30 balloons floating over the New Zealand to provide free internet access to rural or poor areas. Google says as the balloons moves in the stratosphere from west to east direction, they provide connectivity to the area wider 40km diameter.

Google calls this project as “Loon”, this project began two years ago with Google high expertise programmers. This project consumed nearly 18 months to finish.

The main idea behind “Loon” is to connect the world by using a common infrastructure. It’s an test launch only for 50 members based in Christchurch and Canterbury, New Zealand. They have a special antenna in their properties to receive signals from the superpressure balloons.

Now, Google plans to get partners from other organizations which are located on similar latitudes. So that, public in countries likes Chile, South Africa, Argentina and Australia can also take part in superpressure balloon trail.

However, Google Balloons are remains in air for few days, rather for months and controlling light air machines is difficult because of weather conditions.

Google has to put lot of effort to success this project and it’s definitely going to take lot more time to get finish. Let’s hope for the best.

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