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Google Chromebook Pixel Touch-Screen Laptop

Google had exposed their new high end chrome device, called as chrome pixel on Thursday. It’s the first chrome based touch screen laptops at 12.85 inch. The screen responds for touch or swipe of a finger. It has highest resolution screen with improved touch pad and keyboard.

Previous chrome devices don’t support touch screen and they cost only $199. But, the pixel is introduced with two versions and both are with Intel core i5 processor. The basic model is only with Wi-Fi which costs $1299 and the other is with Verizon’s high speed LTE wireless technology which costs $1449.

Sundar pichai, Senior Executive of chrome had declared at an occasion at San Francisco, that in future every laptop will have touch screens. He said, at first it might seem to be strange, but it will gradually get changed with your browser experience. He admitted that touch screens will be very helpful to work in Microsoft office programs such as words, excel and more. He also said that their goal was to disappear hardware.

The Wi-Fi only version consists of 32 gigabytes of storage and one terabyte of storage in Google drive online file storage program. The Verizon’s superfast LTE wireless technology consists of 64 gigabytes.

Mr.Pichai had vindicated its high price tag as its competition is with MacBook Air, which is a 13 inch non-touch screen laptop and more storage on device made by Apple Inc. and it starts at $1199.

These Laptops are primarily designed for web based applications rather than applications stored on the device.

Stephen Baker, an analyst at a research firm NPD had said that Google’s trend is not up to the market, and its price tag is a big jump when compared to earlier generations and he also said that it is not ready to compete with Apple Laptops or others with Windows 8.

Mr. Pichai said that Google was committed only to it retail partners. In addition to that, it tries to sell its chromebooks to millions of people who use Google apps. Let’s see whether Google achieves its goal or not?

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